Let me start by saying I’m not a guy, and Dryfins swimwear makes products for guys. That said, I’m the mom of three boys, and as such, I’m acquainted with the problem Dryfins has set out to solve: chafing and rash below the belt caused by those netted liners in men and boys’ swimsuits.

So sure, this is a problem that happens to guys, but let’s be real: as a mom, if my son has chafing from his swimsuit, it becomes my problem as well. My kids love the water, and we spend a lot of time in pools, at beaches, in lakes, and in rivers. Over the years, I’ve cut the mesh liner out of swim trunks numerous times, and doled out petroleum jelly or aloe more than once. My boys have tried swimming with underwear under their swim shorts, they’ve tried wetsuits over their swim shorts…everything. They’ve still ended up with that awful chafe.

Dryfins are designed differently than any other pair of swim trunks I’ve come across. Instead of that dreaded mesh liner, Dryfins feature a built-in solid stretch liner that fits just like a pair of biker shorts or boxer briefs. This is the style of underwear my kids prefer anyway, so they knew they’d find them comfortable. The outer section of the Dryfins is a very soft material that looks good dry or wet, is quick to dry, and resists stains and sand.

You get a draw cord at the waist, as well as elastic, and a nice-looking logo on the bottom front right. Best of all, according to my 11-year-old, you get three pockets in the Dryfins. Usually, boys get exactly none in swim suits. The Dryfins feature two side pockets that are surprisingly deep, plus a back pocket with velcro closure.

Dryfins are simple and classic in terms of styling. In the mens’ sizes, you get three choices of color: red, blue, or green, and they’re all solid (no prints). In the boys’, the choice is red or blue. The red is a rich, bright red, and the blue is a deep nautical blue. I like that the boy Dryfins, as least, are cut generously, so there’s plenty of space in them for kids to run and jump and swim. They don’t come down as long as some current styles (the hem hits at mid thigh), but I like that too: again, it’s all the better to play in.

If you have kids who are serious about their water sports, spending whole summers in wet swimsuits, Dryfins are absolutely worth the investment. Pick up Dryfins for adults for $52, in sizes S-XXXXL (ranging from 29″ waist to 49″). The S and M fit my teen boys perfectly. The boys’ Dryfins are $42 in YS-YXL. My 11-year-old (a little bit small for his age) fits in the M.

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