Workwear is all the rage, even if you’re not actually working. Having durable and breathable clothing is a benefit to everyone when working, traveling, or just relaxing. Now that many brands are offering workwear collections, I decided to try something out for myself.


I chose the Patagonia Women’s Range West Snap Shirt, inspired by Western-style snap shirts that many associate with cowboy-wear. Built with a lightweight, breathable blend of 55% hemp and 45% tencel lyocell muslin, the shirt is soft yet durable—whether you’re clearing brush, hiking on a trail, bellying up to a bar, or walking around in a new city.


The Western-style snaps on the front placket aren’t the shiny, pearlized version used on those “cowboy shirts,” but far more practical dark snaps that don’t stand out. They’re easy to snap up or down, even if you have gloves on. There are also snaps on the two chest pockets and the shirt’s cuffs.


The Range West Snap Shirt has a regular fit, which means that if you order your size, it won’t be too loose or too tight. Regular is akin to the Goldilocks “just right” fit.


I especially like the sunrose/chambray utility blue shirt, because chambray goes with practically everything, and when traveling, that’s a huge plus. The shirt also has red-orange embroidery on the collar that looks like the sun.


The shirt is also made in a Fair Trade Certified factory, ensuring that it’s produced under safe, fair, legal, and humane working conditions. Apparel workers are among the lowest-paid employees in the world, and Patagonia’s goal is to not only minimize harm, but also create a positive benefit for the lives the brand touches through its business.


The Range West Snap Shirt comes in three colorways: sunrose/chambray utility blue (pictured), small actions/wispy green, and sienna clay. It lists for $89 on the Patagonia site.

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