Active women travelers can often feel as if they’re limited to clothing choices in pursuing outdoor adventures. Dresses can be too floofy or just not flexible in allowing a range of movement, and those who love to wear them can get frustrated in having to limit their attire to pants or skorts.

With the Nuu-Muu Scoop Neck Dress, that limitation is gone.

Nuu-Muu makes a handful of different active dresses, from my favorite (the Scoop Neck Dress) to the Pocket Dress and Classic Dress… and even a Kids Dress.

The intention is that women’s exercise apparel should be able to be functional as well as flattering. Having a light-hearted exercise dress packed in your suitcase can open up your active wardrobe possibilities.

Wear the dress with leggings or not, depending on your coverage needs. The Scoop Neck Dress also covers most sport bras completely, so you don’t have to be bothered about what’s peeking out.

If you need to bring along a key, money, or a protein bar, tuck them into the pocket in the lower back (much like a covered cycling jersey pocket).

The dress is made from 83 percent poly and 17 percent spandex. It’s wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, tear-resistant, breathable, and moisture wicking.

A build-in 50+ SPF protects you when you’re out in the sun. Toss it in the washing machine (or hotel room sink) and hang to dry. In my experience, it’s usually pretty quick to dry.

The A-line cut works well with different body types, and doesn’t have a lot of extras, so wearers get a lot of versatility in movement. That makes it an ideal dress not only for travel, but also for running, hiking, or just walking around town.

The Nuu-Muu Scoop Neck Dress comes in a wide variety of colors (so you can choose between a handful of colors and patterns) and runs about $85 and $88 on the Nuu-Muu site.

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