Dress up with Chaco Women’s Wayfarer Sandals

Chaco Wayfarer Sandal

Not everyone travels for hardcore adventures. And even for those who do, sometimes there’s an occasion to get out of your camp clothes and clean up a little.

When you want to make a change from off-road, water-friendly adventure sandals, check out shoes like Chaco Women’s Wayfarer sandals.

There’s some familiarity in the design—they’re just like the brand’s classic Z/Sandal, but in soft leather. The thick straps won’t cut into your feet, whether you’re wearing the sandals for city or country walking. And the suede footbed gives your soles something cozy to settle on.

The midsole (also something familiar from Chaco sport sandals) is a women’s specific LUVSEAT PU midsole, which is durable and gives long-lasting, all-day comfort when the shoes are on your feet. That’s something often lacking in fancy sandals, so when you can get great support and comfort in sandals that also look good, it’s like finding a unicorn.

What if you’re wearing the sandals and you want just a little adventure? Good thing that the outsole has the ChacoGrip rubber compound that’s optimized for wet traction, in case you run into a slick city street, a wet rocky trail, or even a just-washed bar floor.

These sandals are great for hometown adventures, as well as journeys to far-away places. And there’s no reason to pack cute shoes that don’t feel perfectly comfortable when there are cute shoes that perform well in a variety of conditions. It also cuts down on the need for packing a lot of different shoes. And lightening the load is what practical travel is all about.

Chaco Women’s Wayfarer sandals come in gray and rust colors, and list for $130 on the Chaco site.

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