Deuter backpacks have been on our review list for a while now. There bright colors, lightweight design and signature Vari Quick strap adjustment system makes them a great option for you or your family. We reviewed the Speed Lite 24L and the Fox 40 for kids.

Speed Lite 24SL Women’s Day Backpack

First, I thought the box was empty when I went to the mail box to grab the Speed Lite 24L backpack, it is truly that light. It weighs in a 1 pound, 12 ounces! There is so much to cover in this backpack so let’s get started, shall we?

The Deuter Speed Lite 24 L frame is a tensioned Delrin U-frame and is a slimmer fit to accommodate the average female body type. Being 5’6″ and about 130 pounds, I often opt for a kid’s bag because of the smaller frame. NO MORE! The back panel is also very well ventilated. 5 miles in on the trail and I didn’t have any problems with the back panel or the shoulder straps which are also well ventilated using a 3D AirMesh lining.

The shoulder straps are shorter and positioned on the pack for an more ergonomic fit. The S-shape of the shoulder straps allows the hiker to move without chaffing or pressure points in the chest area. Smaller buckles are found throughout the bag as well to aid in easier fasting and release of the locking mechanisms.

The body-hugging hip fins are angled up from the backpack to allow for the anatomy of a women’s hips to feel snug and comfortable within the belt. It also houses two pockets, which are great for storing the trash your kids leave behind, gum, snacks and a small cell phone.

The Deuter Women’s 24L backpack exterior boasts two daisy chains, and accessory loops for additional gear. Joining compressions straps are located on the front of the pack. These can be used for carrying skis or more gear. We all like gear!

Deuter Backpack

Depending on your level of hard core, the front provides an ice axe and pole loop to keep you safe and your gear secure.

The main body of the bag is 24 L as the tag says and can house a bladder system, securing your hose in the front through the front straps. the outer stretch pockets are great for water bottles (check out our new favorites), cell phones, packable jackets and other gear.

The whole compartment is covered securely by a protective top lid. This can be cinched down. A zipper-secured pocket at the top is perfect for sunglasses if you don’t like them being attached to the front of your bag. On the interior is a SOS label incase of emergency during your exploration.

That’s all the  tech specs. Now, how do I like it? I LOVE IT. I was extremely impression with all the bells and whistles, but when we took it out and the pack stayed put on my back and hips during steep inclines and sandy, slippery decent, I was sold. The Deuter Speed Lite 24L is a quality bag that can take you on a day hike or for a weekend.

The Deuter Women’s Speed Lite 24 L retails for $130 and comes back by the Deuter Warranty.

Deuter Fox 40L for Kids

Introducing backpacking to our little ones is a dream of mine. I believe that all healthy children should eat a pound of dirt and have developed a love of the outdoors by the time they are 3. Check out our Backpacking 101 article.

The Deuter Fox 40L backpack has a similar frame setup as the Women’s Speed Lite. The smaller frame has the same s-shaped shoulder harness with the 3D mesh lining to help keep them cool. The straps on the Deuter Fox 40L are easily adjusted through their Vari Quick system. This allows the wearer to easily change the back length of the bag.

The Vari Quick allowed us to quickly change the bag from our 5 year old to our 9 year old so they both could get a feel for the bag. Please note that the bag was too big for our 5 going on 20 year old’s back. 

Deuter Speed Lite

A top loading bag, the drawstring closure allows for items to be secured in the bag. The protective lid ensures that everything is dry and can be cinched down. On the top of the bag and protective lid there is a grab loop, much larger than the one found on the Speed Lite.

Deuter brilliantly reinforced the bottom of the bag. It’s like they know the kids will just toss the bag down anywhere or scrape it along the trail. You can also access the main compartment of the bag through the bottom zipper.

Deuter Fox 40L is outfitted as well as the Speed Lite with the daisy chains, gear loops, hydration system compatible and pockets. The sterum strap doubles as a whistle, if needed. Or if you are bored and needing to bother your sibling…

Deuter Fox 40L is a great bag for day, overnight or weekend long backpacking trips.

We have the Ocean/Midnight color and it is beautiful! Brightly colored to be seen but not obnoxious. This is a serious bag that will survive many hand me downs. No wonder it is one of the top bags recommended by the Boy Scouts of America.

The Fox 40L retails for $120.