The Deuter Pulse 3 is an innovative and modern hydration pack for the day hiker or mountain biker.

Fanny packs are making a big comeback. However, not the Fanny Packs of our 80’s youth. These have hydration systems, more than two pockets, comfortable hips belts and more! Gone are the days of leather patchwork fanny packs, welcome to the modern age of the Deuter Pulse 3.

Deuter Pulse 3 Features

The Deuter Pulse 3 is equipped with one water bottle holder. Perfect for additional water or one of our preferred Lifesaver Liberty Bottles.

The Deuter Pulse 3 only weighs in at 350 grams and can fit a maximum of 53” waist. The waist band is wide and thick, allowing it to hug your curves and move with you instead of moving against you (bouncing, slipping to the front, etc).

The back panels of the waist pack are well ventilated with Deuter’s own Ventilated Lite back systems. The Ventilated Lite back is slightly formed so it works with your body’s natural anatomical shape.

The largest compartment holds the Pulse 3’s 1.5L bladder called the Streamer. The Streamer 1.5L is especially designed for the Pulse 3 and distributes the water evenly across your back. I had no issues with the water pooling on one side or the other and pulling the waist pack to the side. Even with the Streamer full I could store an addition tube and a small first aid kit… and some sour gummy worms.

Inside the front small pouch are 2 mesh pockets, 1 zippered mesh pocket and a plastic carabiner key ring. The mesh pockets are great for additional tools, and a phone. The side pockets are ideal for phone storage, a backup battery, etc.

Compression straps on the sides ensures your goods are close the body and secure. No bouncing!

The zipper pulls are bigger and easy to use with gloves on. Early morning rides or even hitting the slopes require the use of gloves and if you’re like me, I lose all fine motor skills.

As a mom of little ones, it is nice to have a waist pack that carries as much as the Deuter Pulse 3. When we are out hiking or downhill mountain biking in the fall, I often end up carrying part or all of my little guy’s back pack when he becomes fatigued. Carrying kid’s back pack on my back and the waist pack at my hips makes the days more comfortable and with a lot less whining.

What I Would Change

The front compartment that folds out with the mesh pockets could be supported on either side so it makes a tray when fixing a tube or even eating. If you forget to close the zippered punch, your contents fall right to the floor.

The bladder line attaches the Deuter Pulse 3 by a plastic clip. I would love to see this changed to a magnet for quick attachment.

Overall Impressions

Deuter makes great gear, bags and accessories and the Pulse 3 is no exception. I feel like our gear gets an extra dose of abuse with kids in tow and the Pulse 3 holds its own. Afterall, it is here to replace your cargo pants!

With the Deuter 2 year guarantee I know that the item will be replaced or repaired free of charge if there are defects. I respect Deuter for acknowledging the fact that repairing is always better than replacing when it comes to our home, Planet Earth. For more on Deuter’s Promise click HERE.

Deuter Pulse 3 is available in three color ways, Black, Bay Blue and Cranberry. The total volume of the Pulse is 5L and retails for