Designed for Good: The Toad&Co Flextime Moto Crop and Windmere ll Dress

Practical Travel Gear has been field testing Toad&Co clothing for years now. Toad&Co has proven itself not only as a quality clothing company but as a friend to our Mother Earth. The Flextime Moto Crops and Windmere II dress are the perfect earth friendly additions to your closet this year.

Flextime Moto Crops

If you aren’t already swooning over the color of these pants, we can’t be friends. The color shown is Toad&Co’s Duck Green Vintage Wash and it is the most versatile color I have in pants right now. Easily dressed up with a great sweater or dressed down with a flannel, the Flextime Moto Crops are a go-to pant for Fall and into Winter.

As a mom and someone who goes to work in their pajamas (just kidding, they are surgical scrubs) I have become a slave to the ever-popular yoga pant. Thank the Textile Gods because the Flextime Moto Crops have me covered when I need to be dresser but still comfortable for whatever the day may bring.

I absolutely love the FlexForm waist band. It is what attracted me to the pant in the beginning. After two kids and a healthy diet of hospital cafeteria food, I have a little mom tummy. The FlexForm waist band in the Flextime Moto Crops are so flattering when they are on because of the tummy control (buh bye muffin tops) and the flat front.

The side pockets of the Flextime Moto Crops are perfectly positioned on the side of the body and lay flat when not in use. I love having the zippered closure for additional security when traveling. The back pockets are open and relatively deep. Deep enough that I can easily slide my phone into the pocket without fear of it falling out while I am out shopping or running around the park with the kids.

Now, let us talk about running around with those kids. Flextime Moto Crops are a must for all moms. For one, the pants are water friendly so any juice, rain or mud is easily wiped off keeping you looking clean. There is enough stretch in the pant that you can climb the playground equipment or run around with the soccer ball without the fear that you will show off your underwear or overstretch the pant making it unflattering.

Great for Any Occasion

The skinny fit of the Flextime Moto Crop lets you change the look of them as well! Roll them up with your Vans or tuck them right into your winter boots. Either way you are going to have to fend off the other ladies when they discover how great these pants are.

As a mom and avid traveler, I have a huge appreciation for the travel friendly aspects. Water friendly, UPF 50+ and secured pockets make for a fabulous travel pant. Not to mention while I am taking in all that this planet as to offer, I am wearing sustainable clothing. 100% of the products from Toad&Co are made with a minimum of 80% sustainable fibers. In addition, a portion of every purchase from Toad&Co goes towards supporting people with disabilities.

The Flextime Moto Crop comes in other colors in case the Duck Green is not your thing. You can find them in Falcon Brown, Nightsky and Black. The Flextime Moto Crop retails for $85 and can be purchased on the Toad&Co website here or on Amazon.

I did find them to run about a ½ size small so please order up if you are between sizes.

Windmere II Long Sleeve Dress

Psst… I have the secret to making all your friends jealous this Fall. No, it’s not what’s in your coffee cup, you pumpkin spice silly! It is the wonderful Windmere II dress from Toad&Co.

I ordered the long sleeve version of the Windmere II for the Fall and early Spring and I couldn’t be more pleased with the dress. I am a sucker for Tencel because of the softness it brings to fabrics and the Windmere II is no exception. It is constructed from 48% Tencel, 48% Organic cotton and 4% Elastane.

What makes a good dress? The fit for one. The Windmere II hangs perfectly from the shoulders and drapes over the hips like your favorite long sweater. Toad&Co calls it a “shift silhouette”, I call it perfect. The sleeves are long enough to reach your hands for colder days. None of that ¾ length! I have the small and the length is 35” from the waist allowing the dress to end right at my knees for a flattering and responsible length. I can raise my hands above my head and not show off any embarrassing parts of my body, if you get my drift.

The Windmere II dress is your ideal option for family photos, tailgating, the pumpkin patch, grabbing coffees with your best friends or running errands. I love pairing mine with a puffer vest and my go to vinyasa scarf from lululemon on colder days. The Windermere II dress pairs well with your favorite leather booties or test them out with your favorite hikers for a more laid back look. I would suggest a pair of Forsake for the most comfortable fit.

What makes a dress perfect?

POCKETS. Any woman will tell you that! The on-seam pockets are perfect for warming up hands, holding onto car keys or a safe space for treasure collection when you are out with your little kids. The amount of “have-to-have-it” rocks those pockets have seen is a true testament to the quality of the fabric.

The Windmere II dress is available in 5 color choices so yes, you can wear one each day of the week. You’re welcome. You can grab your own in Flint Stone Stripe, Paprika, Sand Beach Stripe, True Navy and Egret Stripe. I have the Egret Stripe and love the contrast between the navy and white stripes. I can pair the dress with yellow, more navy and even red!

The Windmere dress is a great option for traveling as well! Lightweight and packable, you can roll it up into your water bottle sleeve and have a great dress for sightseeing, attending conferences and wine tasting. It’s hard to wrinkle this dress so throw it in! I promise you will be so pleased you did. As an added bonus, it is washer and dryer safe.

The Windmere II dress is available on Toad&Co’s website or and retails for $85.

Additional Toad&Co reviews can be found HERE.


Safe Travels!

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