Have you ever worn a 3D printed shoe? I haven’t until now and I have to say, the newest offering from Deckers X Lab is legit. I would venture to say that the X-Scape 3D shoe is too legit.

The Decker Shoe line has always been incredibly innovative and fun to wear. The signature rocker sole has helped my gait and I notice that I can walk and explore longer in a Deckers X Lab shoe because the my feet are working with me as I stride about.

“With a cantilever in the back for progressive landings, lettuce suspension in the midfoot for arch support, and progressive rocker construction in the nose area for easier rolling, every step is designed to feel effortless.” 

Recently, I broke a toe as I was running to the front door (not even a great story!) and as I was trying to find shoes to wear to work and around the city that weren’t flip flops, the Deckers X-Scape 3D were the only shoes comfortable enough to wear. The rounded toes box allows for plenty of room for all your toes and makes shoe wearing comfortable again.

The midsole is comprised of a 3d printed combined with a ETPX super foam filler for the ultimate suspension of every step. Nice tread is found on the sole allowing you to adventure in a variety of environments with comfort and stability. If you adventure too hard and wear the sole down, it is easily replaced to extend the life of your shoes and count down on frivolous spending. Especially these days with everything costing so much!

I usually wear a 7.5 but ordered an 8 because I find the the front of the shoes from Deckers can be a little short and these fit perfectly! The X-Scape 3D retails for $149 and comes in “White” or “Black and Blue”. Gone are the days of those New Balance travel shoes (you know exactly what I am talking about). Up your adventure game with stylish comfort in a pair of the X-scape 3D shoes from Deckers X Lab.

X-scape 3D can be purchased on the Deckers X Lab website.


Safe Travels!

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