Simba travel trousersLooking for some good men’s travel pants that aren’t all baggy and shapeless? These fitted Simba Nosilife Trousers from Craghoppers give you all the right features, but with a low-profile look that doesn’t broadcast the fact you’re living out of a suitcase or backpack.

We’ve reviewed other Craghoppers trousers in the past and really liked them. The last round was the Kiwi Pro Stretch version, which still comes on a lot of trips with me. These Simba ones are built rugged rather than soft, with lightweight but strong “Polyamide” synthetic fabric that is designed to be resistant to abrasion, water, and stains. This means the pants are slightly swishy when you walk, but when I was wearing them in a light drizzle the water beaded up on them and my legs stayed dry. When I’ve washed them and hung them from the drying loop, they only took a few hours to dry.

What sets these apart, however, is the tailoring. They’re not for fat guys—take that warning up front. These are meant for guys who look okay in skinny jeans and are either blessed with high metabolism or are exercising regularly.

Despite the slim profile, you get lots of well-designed pockets in these Simba pants. There are two on the back and one has a button. Two on the front have mesh inside, which lets some heat escape, then inside the right one is a secure pocket with a zipper. On the right leg are two narrower open pockets for items like a knife or multi-tool. Although I’ve never gotten sunburned through a pair of pants, these do have Solar Shield rated to UPF40.

Travel PantsI’ve never worn out any Craghoppers item and I’m expecting the same durability with these. You can easily recognize the loops and double-stitching that are a hallmark of this brand. There are also some nice touches that separate quality pants from the run-of-the-mill, like a gusseted crotch, microfiber around the waist band, and heel tape to keep them from fraying at the bottom cuffs.

The online listing of these has NosiLife in the name, but mine had an InsectShield tab. Which as I understand it means there’s Insect Shield protection built in, but the NosiLife designation means it’s integrated at the thread level and is supposed to last forever.

These come in the two colors pictured here, in regular and long, with sizes that only go up to a 42 waist. (They’re trying to give you a hint.) Overall, these are great all-around travel pants that won’t look unusual when it’s time to go from travel mode to going out mode. They’ll transition fine from trail to tavern, from bike to bar.

See more at the Craghoppers site and order direct for $70 or get the Simba Trousers at Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

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