Craghoppers NosiLife Tafari Jersey Skirt

Craghoppers NosiLife Tafari Jersey Skirt | Practical Travel Gear

Craghoppers Tafari SkirtTravel skirts have come a long way. They used to be either short and skin-tight or long and granny style, and while either can work fine (depending on where you are)—they are sometimes limiting. Now, we can choose between a variety of travel skirts, some of which are even great for outdoor adventures.

The Craghoppers NosiLife Tafari Jersey Skirt is made from a fabric that’s 61 percent polyester, 36 percent cotton and 3 percent elastane—and feels like a soft T-shirt. It hits about knee level, and the fold-over waistband allows you to adjust the length to just-above-knee-level or just below, which comes in handy when you’re in places that require you to have your knees covered (like some temples in Vietnam).

The fabric is also treated with insect repellent, which helps keep mosquitoes and biting insects away. Sure, they can just go and attack your legs since you’re wearing a skirt, but every little bit helps.

The lightweight skirt is ideal in tropical locations, when you can’t stand to wear heavy fabrics. It also comes in handy when cleaning, as you can just toss it in the washer and dryer, or merely wash it in your hotel room sink and hang to dry. Best thing of all—no need to iron. Honestly, no piece of legitimate travel clothing should need ironing, as far as I’m concerned.

There’s just one pocket, but it’s conveniently placed inside the waistband and zippered, so you can treat it as a security pocket to stash a little money and a key when you go out.

The fabric has just enough stretch, but like I mentioned, it feels soft and comfortable. After wearing it a while, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t get misshapen (by a lot of sitting), as some skirts do. And the shape isn’t quite as roomy as those granny skirts, but it’s not skin-tight either, so works for a variety of body types.

I’ve worn this skirt on trips throughout California and to Canada, and plan on bringing it along on most of my summer adventures this year. When it’s hot, the last thing I want to wear are pants. And there’s no need to, with great travel skirts!

The Craghoppers NosiLife Tafari Jersey Skirt comes in two colors: Lichen Green Marl (solid) and Ashen Mist (Ikat pattern) and lists for $60 on the Craghoppers site. It’s also available at Moosejaw.