Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved Shirt

Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved Shirt | Practical Travel Gear
Photo credit, Craghoppers

Photo credit, Craghoppers

This soft, short-sleeved shirt from Craghoppers is both comfortable and multipurpose. Craghoppers made its name from durable outdoor wear, but this shirt is perfect for weekend relaxation, long travel days, or even informal meetings with colleagues.

The Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved shirt comes in a stylish plaid pattern in a variety of colors, but for those that make a point to stock up on Vitamin D, this shirt adds an impressive built-in UV protection feature using Solar Shield zinc oxide technology. This keeps golfers, walkers, and poolside loungers safe from harmful rays while also not wearing a heavy, itchy shirt.

This lightweight cotton and polyester blend is soft on the skin. I found that it is best to get a larger size so that you have room to breathe inside on especially hot days. It features two pockets, one of which has a zipper for added security. These are great for storing a smartphone or keys when out for a walk or traveling. There is also an internal pocket for storing more valuable items like cash or credit cards.

Speaking of wearing this shirt poolside, it actually has a waterproof finish keeping moisture out (unless you basically jump into a pool). Warm bodies may also find great use for this shirt in winter time too when physical activity raises the body temperature. Craghoppers recommends this shirt for not-so-frigid days skiing or mountain hiking.

I liked wearing this shirt when traveling because it is soft and loose-fitting. Airports are often too warm, especially overseas, and this short-sleeve shirt allowed me to keep cool without sporting a less formal t-shirt. The sleeves’ cuffs can also be adjusted to personal preference.

The Craghoppers Hassan short-sleeve shirt is available on the Craghoppers website or on Amazon for about $40.