I could never get into the Snuggie blanket trend. To me, it just looked weird, as if you were wearing a sleeping bag all day, and why not just wear your sleeping bag if that’s the feeling you’re going for? Similarly, I was able to resist more modern inventions of the wearable blanket/sleeping bag idea… until now.

Did it take a pandemic? Did it take age? Did it take a sudden change in weather as we approach winter?

I don’t know. Maybe all three. But I love hanging out by my backyard fire pit in my Poler Reversible Napsack.

The soft, synthetic Napsack has insulation rated to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s ideal for camping, backyard hanging out, music festivals, and après surfing or skiing. Don’t bring it along on your Polar expeditions, because it gets a lot colder at the extremes of our planet.

There are three Napsack modes: sleep, lounge, and walk. Sleep mode lets you doze with the bottom cinch closed (note that you may want to size up when purchasing the bag if you want to use it for sleep mode a lot, as the bag is sized to height and you want a comfortable space for your feet). Take advantage of the zippered shoulders, which allow the free use of your arms in lounge mode, which is pretty much the theme of 2020. In walk mode, you can cinch the drawcord at your waist to go fetch the beer from the fridge or even the nearest market.

Handwarmer pockets and 4-inch by 5-inch accessory pockets are on each side, for your hands and necessary small belongings. The Napsack is also reversible, so you can switch up your look every once in a while.

When the weather gets warmer, and you don’t live in the Napsack 24×7, tuck it into its stuff sack for the next time.

The Reversible Napsack comes in olive/mustard, red/orange, and orange/brown and lists for $100 (on sale from $130) on the Poler site.

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