If there’s something we can all agree on, this year has been about being cozy wherever we are—whether that’s sheltering in place at home, taking a responsible road trip, or cautiously heading out into the world in pandemic times. I’ve settled into almost an extreme cozy wardrobe, bouncing between caftans in the summer to merino loungewear now that we’re getting into cooler weather.

But if you’re worried about the slippery slope of casual clothing and the eventuality of re-entering society again without looking like you live in your pajamas, there’s no need. Excellent women’s pieces from Icebreaker—like the Merino Pique Long Sleeve Shirt and Nature Dye Lydmar Pants—give you that cozy feeling while also dialing up your style.

The Merino Pique Long Sleeve Shirt is made from a lightweight 100% merino knit that’s soft and non-itchy, warm in the cold and cool in the heat, and naturally odor-resistant. For those who prefer sustainable and renewable fabrics, this is an optimal choice. The cardigan-style shirt has long sleeves and a shawl collar, which lends it a dressy air for when you want to dress up a little, but you can still pair it with a T-shirt for everyday wear.

The Nature Dye Lydmar Pants are spiffed-up sweat pants made with natural RealFleece, a brushed merino wool blend (88% merino, 9% nylon, 3% elastane) that’s soft and warm, as well as stretchy. The fabric is dyed with ethically sourced plant-based dyes that use less water and naturally fade over time. The pants have two deep pockets and a zippered stash pocket for your essentials.

The Merino Pique Long Sleeve Shirt comes in olive night and deep midnight colors and lists for $125 on the Icebreaker site. The Nature Dye Lydmar Pants come in ash (tan) and husk (gray) colors and list for $200 on the Icebreaker site. The pants also come in a men’s version.