If your winter weather was anything like the one we experience this season, I wish I would have had Phunkshun Wear in my bag.

Created from those pesky water bottles you have rolling around on the floor of your car, these environmentally friendly neck tubes, infinity scarfs and headbands are everything you’ll need.

  1. Made in the USA

Who doesn’t want to support a local company with a hip edge?

And support our great country of America as well!?

Created and manufactured in Colorado, Phunkshun Wear helps boost our local economy while keeping you warm whatever the weather you are experiencing.

In addition to being made in the USA, they participate in the High Fives Non-Profit Organization. For every mask sold, Phunkshun Wear donates $0.05 to the Mountain Action Sports which making playing outdoors safer for its athletes.

  1. Technology You Can Understand

Ever try to read the specs on a piece of clothing for your sport and find yourself trying to decipher the French?

Well, Phinkshun Wear provides easy to read tags on their Neck Tubes to ensure you purchase the right one for your needs. As the warmth rating increases, as does the features.

Features range from odor control to moister wicking and UPF rating. Each category also has their own patterns so you can easily identify the right cover for your day. And, may it be a blue bird, powder day!

  1. Kid Friendly

End the ‘Cold Complaints’ with style!

Not only do the adult neck tubes come in fantastic prints, as do the kids’ size. You’ll be able to outfit your little speed demon with a tube that makes them stand out on the mountain AND maintains their warmth.

Less hot chocolate stops for you! In fact, one Phunkshun Wear Single Layer Neck Gaiter is less expensive than a round of hot chocolates from the lodge.  Score one for the parents!

  1. Customizable and FUN!

Phunkshun Wear will collaborate with you to create a memorable and unique marketing tool for your business or team. With the ability to print a simple logo or even a photograph, the creative team at Phunkshun Wear will make your phabric dreams come true.

The patterns available to every consumer will ensure your warmth is vibrant and fits your personality.

I would suggest customizing a line of products for your family with your names on it. Gear is easy to lose, especially when it’s the coolest on the mountain, so put a label on it!

  1. Easy to Pack

Of course we are going to discuss the travel-ability of these!

Easily balled up in your bag, shoved into a pocket, worn on the plane, or even into the cold storage everyone else calls a movie theater, Phunkshun wear isn’t just for the outdoors.

I was impressed with the weight of the material and the amount of warmth it provides. These easy to pack covers boast a bug punch of warmth and awesomness!


Products can be found on their easy to navigate Phunkshunwear website or on Amazon.com