If you’re road tripping, camping, or otherwise traveling in a socially-distanced, safe way this fall, do it in style with a company that’s doing good. Cotopaxi has long been known for their ‘Do good’ campaign, which donates 1 percent of their annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation, and their products designed and made with environmental impact in mind.

Cotopaxi Taal

Their Taal convertible tote is a member of their Del Dia line, which means each bag is uniquely designed at the whims and will of the employee who sews it. I love this, because it means each Taal is unique to its owner, too. When you shop, you’ll see which color combinations are currently available, and you’ll see ‘sold’ signs on those that have already been snagged. I spent at least twenty minutes choosing between the many options of color panels alone! Once I found the combination that most appealed to me, it was an extra thrill to know what once placed into my shopping cart, that unique creation was now mine and no one else’s. The care and thought put into each bag is a wonderful tribute to the brand and its workers.

The Taal is a 16 liter tote with the option of converting it to a backpack. It is made of 100 percent repurposed nylon (like other Del Dia items, it’s made from the scraps of other items, helping to ensure less waste). You get a zippered closure at the top, which is crucial in a tote, in my opinion, and a zippered organizational pocket as well as an internal water bottle pouch.

At 14 x 5 x 12.5 inches, the Taal is roomy enough for a light clothing layer, wallet, keys, and phone in addition to said water bottle, and it fits snugly against the body for a secure and hands-free carry. I find that most totes are too big/roomy for daily use, but the Taal is my go-to every day bag now.

Cotopaxi doesn’t take color requests, but you can pick as I did from the current availability pool or let the company surprise you. Pick up your favorite color combination for $55.


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