If you travel and spend a good amount of time in the outdoors, you know the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun. Costa has long been among my favorite sunglass makers, so I tried out their Sarasota sunnies from their Del Mar collection. What caught my eye (pun intended): the frames! The ‘shiny seafoam crystal shell’ frames are exactly that…an ode to the beach and the sand. They’re truly unique in design and I get a lot of compliments. The other frame designs are equally stunning, from an abalone to dusk. All the sunglasses in the Del Mar collection come with polarized lenses, which is a must for me when buying sun protection, and they all come with both a cork case and a storage bag, perfect for protecting my sunnies in a backpack, suitcase, or purse.

Costa Sunglasses

Note: I did notice that the Sarasota frames are larger than they seem to be online, and are looser on my face than I’d like. If you like a snug-fitting frame, look on the Costa site for frames marked as slim or small. Otherwise, the Sarasota frames will not pinch or give you a headache but are best reserved for beach days, casual travel, and nothing too physically extreme. Pick up a pair for $249, a good investment for a timeless pair of sunglasses.

You can opt from various lens colors, which compliment the frames. Keep in mind: choosing a lens color isn’t about fashion or aesthetics. It’s important to choose the color that’s best for the conditions you’re most likely to experience and your eye color. For instance, I have blue eyes that are sensitive to light, so I opt for a lens that protects best in bright light. If I were often in low light, I’d go with a yellow lens, but blue and grey lenses tend to give me the best coverage. Learn more at the Costa website to select the lens color best for you.

sarasota frames

But even more important than the oh-so-pretty Del Mar collection is Costa’s Untangled Collection. Costa has partnered with Bureo, taking fishing nets that are at the end of their lives and giving them new ones by recycling them into this latest collection of polarized sunglasses. These sunnies are so unique! I am trying out are the Caldera and the Pescador, both of which are similar in materials (obviously) and color. The differences lie in the shape of the frames, and the lens colors. All pairs are unisex, but these two types seemed to fit medium to large faces best, in our usage. Pick up a pair at Costa for $199.


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