Hopefully you have heard of Costa and the amazing work they are doing to create sustainable products. We are delighted to bring you a review of our favorites and hope they become your favorite too.

Costa x bureo- The Untangled Collection

After trying on several of the Costa Untangled Collection, I decided on the fun and fashionable “Victoria” frames. Named after a coastal town, the Costa Victoria frames have an “athletic cat-eye” shape to them. You could easily wear them paddle boarding, hiking, sight-seeing and out to brunch with friends.

Victoria Sunglasses

Victoria Sunglasses from Costa

The PLUSfoam nose pads help to keep the glasses in place and comfortable during long times of wear. You can find the same PLUSfoam on the Costa sunglass temple arms.

The frames are constructed from recycled fishing nets. The fishing nets are collected from commercial fishing ports in Chile. The nets are then melted down and turned into pellets. The pellets are then molded into frames.

The Untangled Collection frames are a little heavier than other frames we have reviewed. However, they are far sturdier and can handle the abuse we put them through between car pools, airports and letting our children borrow them.

The Victoria temple arms have great flex in them to ensure they fit your head and won’t fall into oblivion when you look over the edge of the boat or a cliff.

What I really love about the Untangled Collection is the color of the Victoria frames and the details. The thinner temple arms are great for wearing them with a trucker hat and the details on the lower 2/3 of the frame help to accentuate your facial features. The good ones, I promise.

I also L-O-V-E the nose piece. As a girl who is constantly putting her glasses on her head I can’t thank Costa enough for leaving out the articulating nose guards you find on many other frames. My up-dos stays put and I can quickly lower my glasses to people watch.

About that people watching… let’s talk about the lenses. The mineral glass lenses are Costa’s 580G lenses. Each Costa 580G lens has an encapsulated mirror between two layers of glass and are scratch proof. By using these lenses, Costa has made their lenses 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average polarized glass. Their glasses also come in seven lens colors to ensure you see the brilliance of the world and can roll your eyes without being spotted.

I love using these glasses for the before mentioned people watching but also to work on my computer outside. I can easily see my screen on the computer, tablet or phone. We are on the water a lot so I went with the blue mirror lenses for my new and brilliant Victoria frames.

My only wish is that these glasses would float. Thankfully they are very secure on my face but with the amount we are on the water it would be nice to see the fish and not have my glasses swim with them.

Costa’s Victoria frames retail for $219.00 and will outlast anything you have in the closet.

Baffin Sunglasses

Baffin and Victoria

Baffin and Victoria. The Untangled Collection from Costa

Chris was sent the Baffin frames. Except, he doesn’t know it. I stole them. I love them. They are great for running and all outdoor sports. The Costa Baffin was sent with the green mirror lenses. They are fabulous- like an Instagram filter for the world. I especially love driving in them when we are going through the mountains. Everything looks healthy, fresh and so alive! The frames are more rectangular and have a broader nose guard than the Victoria frames. The PLUSfoam is black on both the nose and temple arms. The Baffin frames have the lines details on the temple arms and the front of the frame is simple.

The Baffin from Costa are made from the same recycled fishing nets and comes with a ReFleece case.

The Baffin frames retail for $199.00.

All glasses in the Untangled collection are recyclable.

Costa- Del Mar Collection

Full disclosure: I love a cat-eye frame and the Sarasota doesn’t disappoint! Now, pair that sexy cat-eye with an Abalone frame print and you have me SOLD.

The bridge of the nose Is not padded on the Sarasota frames and I didn’t notice. The acetate frames are light enough to wear all day.

The Costa Sarasota Glasses are ideal for brunches, strolling the streets of Havana and for happy hour in the city. I have the Sarasota in the shiny abalone frame with a grey lens.

Baffin and Victoria

Baffin and Victoria. The Untangled Collection from Costa

Costa has made it possible for the Sarasota lenses to be prescription ready. You should contact your eye doctor or wherever you buy glasses to have the lenses put in.

The Sarasota glasses are 100% polarized and provide the wearer with 100% UV A/B/C protection. They are also 580G lenses so you are promised a lightweight lens that packs a big punch in protection.

The Sarasota sunglasses from Costa come in a cork case with a soft case cover. The Sarasota glasses are backed by Costa’s two-year warranty.

The Sarasota frames run large and it is difficult to shape them for a narrow face. Please note this before you purchase. When you do purchase, you won’t be disappointed in these glasses!

The Costa Sarasota sunglasses retail for $249.00.

Untangled Collection

Chris Reviews the Glasses He Knows About:

I love Costa Sunglasses, and The Costa Cape Bowfin are my new favorite sunglasses. I have a small head for a guy, and it’s tough to find larger format glasses that actually look good. The Bowfins fit great and offer near wrap-around sun protection. I have the Green Mirror Lenses for high contrast as I was looking for a good pair of sunglasses for my upcoming trip to Whistler mountain for some “fat man” (downhill) mountain biking. The high contrast leases are fantastic for ripping down the trails, and I found they no trouble with variable lighting conditions.

Costa sunglasses can be found on Costadelmar.com and Amazon.com.