Corkcicle: Stylish Coolers and Tumblers for Everyone

PARTY PEOPLE! We are you at? Sports moms! Raise a hand! Corkcicle is here to help you enjoy your celebration or the long days at the sidelines with impeccable style.

Getting all the necessary drinks and snacks to a game can be the ultimate hassle. Corkcicle has created a TPU-coated food-safe grade lined cooler bag call the Virginia Tote. Available in bright vibrant colors or the ever-so-classy black, the Virginia Tote can hold 24 cans or 16 cans and 2 bottles of wine. This equates to 15 PB&J sandwiches and 24 Capri Sun juices for the long tournament days.

Virginia Tote

The Virginia Tote is constructed of a heat-sealed vegan leather so the tote is water proof. The YKK zippered closure is not water proof and Corkcicle recommends you just don’t turn your bag over to ensure a dry refreshment environment.

The Virginia Tote honestly looks like a chic handbag ready for the office. If it wasn’t for the logo on the outside, I never would have guessed this was a cooler. The 11.5” handle drop makes for a comfortable carry, even when the Virginia tote is loaded with all your goodies.

Virginia Tote

We would recommend the Virginia Tote for any event you would need to bring refreshments along for. We have found that outdoor concerts and our Idaho Shakespeare Festival are our favorite spots to bring the Virginia Tote along.

The Corkcicle Virginia Tote would also make a fabulous gift for the sports mom, or bachelorette in your life. I would even suggest the Virginia Tote for the meal prepper. There is so much room in this tote, a full day of meals can easily be stored and carried. The insulation of the Virginia Tote will keep your goods cold all day as long as you keep the bag out of direct sunlight.

Classic Canteen

The Corkcicle Classic Canteen is a triple threat to all thirst-quenchers. Yes, the classic canteen is triple insulated but that isn’t why you need it in your life. The wide mouth construction of the Classic Canteen is wide enough to get ice cubes of all sizes and shapes into the bottle. Our fridge makes ice cubes that look like orange wedges so they often don’t fit into a narrow-mouthed water bottle. We’ve had no problem with the Classic Canteen.

Whether you are storing your favorite beverage for the concert ahead or some hot tea for an afternoon of reading, the Classic Canteen can keep your cold beverages cold for 25 hours and your hot ones steaming for 12 hours.

Aurora Canteen

The Classic Canteen has a slip-proof silicone bottom so you can set your drink down just about anywhere and be assured it won’t spill on you. It also comes in 4 sizes (9ounces to 60 ounces) and all have easy to grip sides.

Don’t fret about spilling the contents, the screw-on top locks your beverage in. A standard Canteen lid will fit canteen sizes (oz, 16oz and 25oz. A special size is required for the 60oz size. If you lose your cap, it is only $4.95 to replace. For $9.95 you can turn your Classic Canteen into a sports bottle with the Straw Cap. The Straw Cap will fit Classic Canteens of the 9oz, 16oz and 25oz size. The Straw Cap also has a great handle on the cap so you can easily attach the canteen to your bag or carry it during a hike.

 The Classic Canteen comes in an ever changing variety of bright and bold colors. One of my favorite color collections is the Aurora. If you have a stationary fan in your life, I would suggest the Rifle Paper Co print. There are three of them.

As with other insulated bottles, the Corkcicle Classic Canteen is not dishwasher safe. Hand wash with a mild soap to ensure your Canteen will be there for you for years to come.

Corkcicle products in all their fashion forward colors and styles can be found on the Corkcicle website. A large selection of products can be found on

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