Ideal for road trips, camping, beach and pool visits, or even just relaxing at home during quarantine, the Cooluli Infinity 10 Liter Mini Fridge is an impressive companion. Whereas traditional coolers are an affordable solution to keeping items cool, they can be unsightly if you are hosting a small get together, and they can be strange to set up inside your home. The Cooluli Mini Fridge combines a sleek aesthetic with great cordless technology to solve that issue.

Coolers traditionally require ice packs or bags of ice, which can be messy when they melt. This mini-fridge is less messy since none of that is required. No worrying about it leaking anywhere, like in your car if you were to take it with you on a road trip.

Mini FridgeHow does it work?

This is both a warmer and a cooler, and its interior space measures 10 liters with different shelves and compartments to store items. Cooluli has different sizes of this fridge to fit different needs as some people may value its compact size and need to store only a few things while others may value its convenience while needing something more spacious.

You can set the temperature allowing you to chill or warm things as needed. It is super easy to power this fridge because you can either plug it into a traditional wall outlet. You can also power it off of a battery bank, which means you can charge it anywhere (outside, for example).

If you take it in the car, it can also charge with a car power outlet. When not using it with a traditional wall outlet, I was worried that the device would not be able to cool or warm enough, but it did just as it says it would. My drinks stayed cool and my food remained warm. If you just use it to store drinks, it can hold as many as 12 at a time.

10 Liter Mini FridgeJust where could this work?

The uses for this mini fridge are endless. It has a handle on the top making it easy to carry although it is not necessarily lightweight (it is eight pounds empty). If you put quite a few things inside, it only adds to the weight, but the ability to keep things cool or warm for long periods of time far outweigh any heft. The door on the front does not easily swing open so there is no need to worry about things falling out while you are carrying it.

This could be a great back-to-school gift for teachers or college dorm rooms. It is ideal for long car rides if you are making road trips or for enjoying refreshments by the pool or beach. I have enjoyed using this on my desk to keep things close at hand. In office setups, this could be especially valuable for those that don’t want to use a shared fridge and prefer keeping their items close to their desk.

One concern I had was that the fan would be noisy; you know, that simple hum that comes with other mini refrigerators, but I found this to be particularly quiet. The fan was a bit louder when plugged into a power bank, but it was not much of a problem.

I really like the sleek design of the fridge, and it comes in different styles (the retro version is particularly fun) and color combinations. Choose your sports team’s color, and this could be the ideal gift for tailgating or watching your kids play sports from the sidelines. It would be a great way to keep their snacks cool, too. Many people like to use this to keep their beauty products cool whether when they travel or in their bathroom at home.

The company is quick to point out that the fridge does not use any refrigerant or freon, which is better for the environment. This is a really creative and fun product that I didn’t realize that I could need. It is certainly more efficient than a messy cooler. The Cooluli Infinity 10 Liter Mini Fridge retails for $80 on the Cooluli website or on Amazon. Families, however, will certainly want one of the larger models to keep handy refreshments for everyone.

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