With more Americans taking road trips these days, I am always looking for accessories for my car that can improve my driving experience. The Console Vault safe seemed like the ideal way to protect valuable things in my car. It comes in a variety of versions so that it can fit most any SUV vehicle or truck make or model.

The safe can fit valuable items no matter what you want to store in it, and I liked how you can customize it with a three or four digit pass code or a physical key. While some glove compartments do have locking capability, this is a much more secure option to protect valuables while also being more discreet.

Easy installation

I must admit that I was a little worried about installing the Console Vault in my car as I am not a handyman. After all, it is meant to be heavy and securely fit in your car without someone being able to just grab it and go in a hurry. This means following the instructions carefully when fitting it in your car. Since I am not the best when it comes to handyman work, I had help from someone else to install it. Apparently, it is very easy, and there is an online tutorial that walks you through each step. It comes with the necessary screws you need; all you need is a screwdriver. That’s easy enough! The overall installation took just about ten minutes.

It is important to note that there is no need to modify the interior of your car to fit the Console Vault. You won’t need to drill any holes or cut out any interior material. If you order the right model for your car, it fits in without much hassle and can be secured into place. This is helpful for people with leased cars or rental vehicles who are concerned about altering the interior in any way. There is no damage to your car when installing it, which is great news because that might be the primary issue for those wary about using something like this in their car.

Console VaultSturdy and reliable

The safe itself is made from 12 gauge steel so it is incredible secure. Inside, a foam covering at the bottom prevents any noise from the contents rattling about while you are driving. That was a pretty clever inclusion.

While the safe fits into the center console, you can still put things on top of it so it is not like you are losing much valuable space. If someone were to break into your car, this is not something that they would easily spot, and even if they did, they cannot just grab it and go. Sure, someone could potentially use a crowbar to pull it out, but chances are the car alarm would cause too much commotion for there to be ample time to do that.

I wonder if Uber or Lyft drivers would find this to be especially valuable given the large number of strangers that are often in their cars. This would allow them to keep certain things completely private and protected. The same goes for drivers that may have their car valeted from time to time because you know valuables are inaccessible to a stranger.

The Console Vault is not cheap, but can prove invaluable when trying to protect prized personal possessions and things that you want to keep out of view. The price varies depending upon the model you choose; mine typically costs $269 and is available on ConsoleVault.com. For someone that does a lot of driving or just wants to know that their belongings are safe, this in-vehicle safe is a great accessory to have.

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