Bras can provide a necessary service, but bras that don’t breathe well or wick sweat are more than irritating, especially when you need to move on an adventure, are working out indoors, or are just walking around the block. Even if you get all your other clothing items right for the adventure, a bad bra is still likely to make the adventure a “meh” one.


The Outdoor Research Vantage Bralette is a scoop-neck, cami-style bra that has a multi-strap back and a narrow elastic band for better mobility. It’s a minimalist style, supporting you but also letting you move freely without getting in the way. The brand’s Vantage fabric—a soft, stretchy blend of 74 percent nylon and 26 percent lycra—is a comfortable, yet durable fabric ideal for flexibility of movement and sweat wicking.


If you’re traveling and limiting your packing space, the bralette is an excellent multi-use bra, good for both adventure and leisure. It’s also comfortable enough to wear on long-haul flights without making you want to take it off in the seventh hour.


Worn alone or under a shirt, the bralette also dries quickly once it gets wet, so you’re not stuck in a damp bra all afternoon. That quick-drying feature also works when you wash it while traveling. Hang it up in the bathroom overnight, or out on the deck for a couple of hours, and it’s ready to go again.


Both the Vantage Bralette and Vantage Bra, which has a bit more coverage, offer light support. That works for some people and not others, so if you and/or your sport require more support, this may not be the right choice for you.


The Vantage Bralette comes in black and fuchsia, and lists for $55 on the Outdoor Research site.


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