Combine Work and Play with Mammut Seon Transporter 26 L

I’m forever looking for the perfect carry-on pack that’s the ideal blend between my work and sporty life. One that easily carries my laptop and writing gear, but that I can also drop in a change of clothes for the gym or trail. Carrying two bags is too much.

This week, I’m traveling with the Mammut Seon Transporter 26 L, a backpack that’s made for modern working life, with Work and Climb areas in the pack. Let’s break down the storage options…

The Work section has a water-repellent, clamshell-zippered compartment accessible from the outside, and contains two padded sleeves: one for your laptop (up to 17 inches) and one for your tablet. It also has two large zippered pockets for notebooks, cords, or other work elements.

The Climb section also has a clamshell-zippered compartment accessible from the outside. It contains space enough to hold a change of clothes for your outdoor or indoor activity, a separate ventilated compartment for shoes or dirty work-out clothes, and a zippered pocket for other items. You don’t need to be a climber to use this section. Sometimes, I’ve tucked my camera into the separate compartment, and other times I’ve used it for dirty clothes that I want to keep separate from my clean options while on the road.

There’s also a water-repellent valuables compartment with internal pockets, one of which has a zipper closure. A front zipper accesses an additional spacious compartment with a large zippered pocket.

The soft padded back of the pack and shoulder straps are comfortable enough for you to be sporting this pack around all day. It’s also got two handles: one on the top and one on the side, depending on how you want to carry it when it’s not on your back.

The Seon Transporter 26 L comes in black, olive, galaxy (purple), granit (light gray), and jay (blue), and lists for $179.95 on the Mammut site.

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