Created by a British couple, Boot Bananas are the original shoe deodorizers made from natural ingredients like odour-neutralising salts, minerals and the finest botanicals. These adorable deodorizers come in a banana-shaped container that can be placed inside shoes to absorb moisture and neutralize odors.

Boot Bananas were originally created for climbing shoes that tend to develop strong odors due to sweat and lack of breathability. However, used as a preventative measure in most shoes, these bananas can keep a variety of shoes fresh. If you have teens and preteens like I do, you have already googled all the “Best Remedies for foot odor” and “Does Listerine actually work?”. The truth is that with most sports shoes and my kid’s hightop Converse shoes, it’s best to get ahead of the sweat and bacteria before it blossoms into a hazmat situation.

Boot Bananas are covered in a cotton fabric “skin” that will actually change color as the natural ingredients begin to lose their power over your shoes. When the Boot Bananas turn brown it is time to replace them. This occurs about every 6-12 months depending on use. Once at their full “ripeness” you can throw them in your home compost-YES! The whole banana. Because they are compact enough to fit into your shoes, they are easily packed up for you next adventure and won’t take up additional room. No more leaving your shoes out on the balcony and forgetting to pack them back up at the end of your trip.


Boot Bananas are available in 3 varieties: The Original ($19.99), Eco Travel ($14.99) and Active Mineral Moisture Absorbers ($29.99). Bundles are available for a mix and match approach to your specific needs. All are available on the Boot Banana website or on

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