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Pick-pocket Proof Shorts Feel Great and Keep Fingers at Bay | Practical Travel Gear 1

Pick-pocket Proof Shorts Feel Great and Keep Fingers at Bay

By Tim Leffel | May 29, 2013

When we reviewed the first model of P^Cubed Pants, the design was a revelation and if the company had just stopped at those Pick-pocket Proof adventure pants, they would have had a nice little niche product that would slowly grow in sales each year as backpackers spread the word. The parent company, Clothing Arts, didn’t…

ExOfficio Kukura Trek'r Stretchy Travel Pants | Practical Travel Gear

ExOfficio Kukura Trek’r Stretchy Travel Pants

By Tim Leffel | May 1, 2013

Whenever and wherever I’m going in my travels, at least one pair of travel pants is going in the bag, often two or more of them. These Kukura Trek’r ones from ExOfficio are now on top of the stack, a grab and go pair of pants that works in multiple situations and climates. While I…


Scottevest Women’s Travel Vest

By Amy | July 10, 2012

As a traveling woman who hates carrying a purse, I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Scottevest clothing until now. With vests, jackets, shirts, pants, and even a dress in their line-up of travel wear, the Scottevest line is designed to keep your hands free and your pack light with numerous useful pockets in each…

Two Polo Shirts Worth Packing for Your Travels | Practical Travel Gear 1

Two Polo Shirts Worth Packing for Your Travels

By Tim Leffel | May 10, 2012

A polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing to be packing when you travel. It’s nicer than a t-shirt, hits the “collared shirts only” requirement, can be used for a game of golf or tennis, yet doesn’t take up much extra room in your bag. Most polo shirts are made to be wrinkle-resistant as…

Athleta Whatever Skort | Practical Travel Gear

Athleta Whatever Skort

By Jill | December 30, 2011

I ducked into an Athleta store this summer with a girlfriend who, like me, travels a lot and likes to have versatile clothing for outdoor adventures at home and abroad. She walked straight to a rack against the wall, pulled out a skirt, and proclaimed: “I love this! I even got one for my sister.”…

Thwart Pickpockets with P-Cubed Pants | Practical Travel Gear 1

Thwart Pickpockets with P-Cubed Pants

By Tim Leffel | November 10, 2011

Valid or not, many travelers worry far more about their valuables when they travel than they do in their home town, packing all sorts of special gadgets and bags designed to keep thieves away from their belongings. Some places are really safer than home in this respect, while others (hello Rome!) are known for separating…

Mountain Khakis Travel Belt - and Beer Bottle Opener! | Practical Travel Gear 1

Mountain Khakis Travel Belt – and Beer Bottle Opener!

By Tim Leffel | September 29, 2011

We’re on a double-duty travel gear roll this week and we’ve got another item that earns its keep in your suitcase or backpack. It’s a rugged belt from Mountain Khakis that also will pop open a bottle of beer. This is a nylon webbing belt, which has long been a kind of belt popular with…

Thermo Soles for Warm Feet | Practical Travel Gear

Thermo Soles for Warm Feet

By Pam | March 11, 2011

I’d picked up a package of those stick on throw away air activated foot warmers for a recent trip to a Very Cold Place, but I’m not crazy about disposable goods for the outdoors — I like products that generate less trash rather than more. I do suffer from cold feet, even in fairly mild…

ExOfficio Women's Vent'r Pants | Practical Travel Gear

ExOfficio Women’s Vent’r Pants

By Kara | September 14, 2010

I wore the ExOfficio Women’s Vent’r Pants during my shore excursions on an Alaska cruise last month, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the performance. Granted, I had a pair of leggings on under the pants in both instances — ziplining through the Alaska rainforest and trekking on a glacier — so I…

Travel Underwear by Tilley | Practical Travel Gear 1

Travel Underwear by Tilley

By Kara | January 21, 2010

The challenge: Pack only two pairs of Tilley “fast drying, sweat defying” underwear on my week-long road trip from Colorado to California. The reasoning: The undies are made with 100% polyester CoolMax Extreme Mesh fabric, so I could wash them by hand in hotel sinks (or my mom’s bathroom), and they’d dry by morning. My…