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Timberland Men's Galehead Light Insulated Jacket | Practical Travel Gear

Timberland Men’s Galehead Light Insulated Jacket

By Ramsey | November 9, 2015

This soft-shell, insulated jacket is comfortable and warm without being too stuffy. The Men’s Galehead jacket from Timberland is designed to be lightweight and loose-fitting while still being comfortable and easy to zip up in cool weather.

La Sportiva Saturn Hoody | Practical Travel Gear

La Sportiva Saturn Hoody

By Jill | November 6, 2015

Winter comes sooner than we think, and before we know it, everything’s all icy and snowy and you have to shovel the drive every day. Or, perhaps you live somewhere that doesn’t get that kind of weather, but you still plan ski trips during the winter season. Regardless, it can’t hurt to have a cozy…

Aventura Avila Top | Practical Travel Gear

Aventura Avila Top

By Jill | October 30, 2015

I’m somewhat of a Plain Jane when it comes to my travel wardrobe. Unless I’m on a luxury adventure or attending an industry conference (aside from Outdoor Retailer), my clothing choices are usually T-shirts, jeans or comfortable pants, simple skirts, and shoes with very little heel (if at all). Every once in a while, a…

Icebreaker Crush Pants | Practical Travel Gear

Icebreaker Crush Pants

By Jill | October 16, 2015

Do you wear sweats when you travel, or do they make you feel like a slob? Some claim that dressing up when you’re flying can often score you choice upgrades. Others prefer being comfortable on long-haul trips, and as long as they’re appropriately covered, who cares what they’re wearing? I fall between the two camps.…

Fall Travel Dresses and Accessories from Aventura | Practical Travel Gear 1

Fall Travel Dresses and Accessories from Aventura

By Amy | October 6, 2015

Aventura Clothing is one of my favorite women’s clothing brands for active women travelers. This eco-friendly brand offers a wide selection of organic cotton items that, season after season, prove to be both stylish and functional. Their pieces rarely wrinkle, pack down small, and most are versatile, meaning I can pack less in my bag for…

ExOfficio Underwear: Beyond Comfortable | Practical Travel Gear 3

ExOfficio Underwear: Beyond Comfortable

By Tim Guill | September 30, 2015

ExOfficio is one of the leading travel clothing companies in the world and their products have predominately received highly positive reviews from our writers. However, I think that I am about to review the greatest ExOfficio product thus far: the Give-N-Go Sports Mesh Boxer Briefs . . . these are the most spectacular pair of…

White Sierra Happy Hour Short-Sleeve Shirt | Practical Travel Gear

White Sierra Happy Hour Short-Sleeve Shirt

By Ramsey | September 28, 2015

Casual wear that is lightweight, airy, and dual-purpose as business casual is the name of the game for carry-on only business travelers. White Sierra has designed a button-down, short sleeve shirt that ticks all of those boxes.

Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved Shirt | Practical Travel Gear

Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved Shirt

By Ramsey | September 21, 2015

Craghoppers Hassan Short-Sleeved shirt comes in a stylish plaid pattern in a variety of colors, but for those that make a point to stock up on Vitamin D, this shirt adds an impressive built-in UV protection

Bonobo Highland: Comfortable Travel Pants | Practical Travel Gear 8

Bonobo Highland: Comfortable Travel Pants

By Tim Guill | September 10, 2015

Comfortable pants are an essential part of traveling. Sometimes good ol’ fashioned sweatpants can do the job but ideally you want to have a pair of pants that are both comfortable AND fashionable. We have reviewed a vast array of travel pants. These pants range from anti-pickpocketing to hiking, but one type of pant we…

Lowa Boots / Shoes: The Bandon | Practical Travel Gear 2

Lowa Boots / Shoes: The Bandon

By Tim Guill | September 2, 2015

During the period between the First World War and the Second a small boot manufacture sprung up in the tiny town of Jetzendorf, Germany. Never heard of Jetzendorf? Don’t worry, you are not alone. With a population of less than 3,000 this tiny Bavarian town is way off most people’s radar, but it is home…