Frequent air travel can really damage and dry out your skin. As someone who also gets quite warm on planes, I am one to keep those air vents blasting at my face even on a 15-hour flight.

That really does dry your skin, and I have been on the lookout for TSA-friendly skin care products that are not too expensive to try out.

The LATHER Clear Day Kit does a nice job of reminding me of all the things I need to do in one kit. All of the products are permitted in my carry-on, and while I have never personally used a face mask, it is an easy way to cleanse my skin after a day wandering the smoggy streets of Beijing or polluted air of Bangkok.

There are four products that come in this handy tin. The blemish control cleansing gel was the only one that I was most familiar with, and it’s an easy way to start or end my day.

It’s also great to use in the shower, and the tall container means I am less likely to forget it (compared to other travel-sized products on the market). I liked the way my skin felt light and clean, but not fragrant after using it.

Shaving daily can really give your skin a workout, but the konjac facial sponge was surprisingly light and gentle on my skin. At first, I was worried it would be like finger nails on a chalkboard, but it was easy and comfortable to use. It is a great way to exfoliate the night before shaving.

I used the deep core cleansing mask mostly when I felt like I had really exposed my skin to a lot of dirt either by being outside or traveling for longer periods of time.

The blemish control serum is a potent mixture that helps to keep pimples or other blemishes from flourishing, and I liked that it has so many natural ingredients (as LATHER products do).

This kit is a great gift, and the tin is a nice place to store all my items in one spot either when traveling or at home. It retails for $71 on the LATHER website, which is a bargain considering the individual cost of each item alone.

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