Retro is often a term thrown around when a product looks back in time to classic style, but it sometimes also means that look back is also in performance and functionality. When you’re looking for the benefit of current performance with the simple looks of yesteryear, it’s not always easy to find.

But in some cases, items can be retro-inspired—focused on beautiful, streamlined look, but not losing anything that benefits us in 2021. Hestra Wakayama leather gloves are perfect examples.

These gorgeous leather gloves are made entirely of cowhide, with one of the colors (natural brown) made of Chrome-free Ecocuir cowhide. They’re so soft that I often find myself petting them when they’re not on my hands.

But when I do put them on, the 100% wool terry lining keeps my hands toasty warm. The material’s curly fibers and terry loops hold air for insulation against the cold. It’s pretty soft, too, and is hardwearing enough to stand up to constant use.Leather Gloves

The simple paracord wrist adjustment works well in adjusting how tight or loose you want the gloves to fit your wrists, and completes the retro vibe. The gloves also have handcuff wrist straps—perfect for knowing where they are after that epic yard sale, and a great way to avoid losing them when you take your gloves off to dig through your pack.

Take care of that beautiful leather by treating your gloves with Hestra Original Leather Balm regularly (sold separately). The gloves will not only become softer and more supple, they will last longer, too.

Wakayama gloves come in a variety of color combinations: natural brown, red and brown, cork and brown, forest and cork, royal blue and navy, and gray and black. The gloves list for $150 on the Hestra site.