In 2012, I was an Athleta featured athlete. The brand chose a record 20 women athletes to highlight for the year, in a program that began in 2008 and has since morphed into an ambassador program that’s a little different than the featured athlete program. While Athleta doesn’t keep in touch with all its past athletes and it’s been years since I’ve heard from them, I keep in touch with what the brand does, because I’ve enjoyed wearing many of its outfits over the years.

The one piece I continue to love, years later, and always make sure it’s in my suitcase when I travel: the Bettona Boyfriend Pant.

In a world where you see athleisure on the street every day, the relaxed fit of these pants makes them versatile for workouts, for being your go-to comfortable airplane outfit, and also for exploring the streets of a new city. The jean-style design includes two back patch pockets, two front pockets, and a cargo pocket on the left leg. I’ve used those pockets for everything when traveling: my phone, my airplane ticket, hotel key, snacks, and plenty more.

The never-end drawstring (a continuous loop drawstring that doesn’t get jacked up in the wash like some drawstrings do) lets Bettona Boyfriend Pant wearers adjust the leg width at the ankles as they choose. I love this feature, because when I’m wearing the pants and need to ride a bike, I can easily fix the right leg so that it doesn’t get caught in the bike’s chain.

The fabric is wicking and breathable and feels super soft—just as good for sleeping in as it is for being active. While I’m always a huge fan of clothing that I can wash in my hotel sink and let dry overnight, the fabric of these pants is a little thicker, so may not dry completely overnight. I solve this challenge by bringing two. While one dries, I’m wearing the other one.

The Athleta Bettona Boyfriend Pant is sold as an online exclusive, comes in black, and lists for $89 on the Athleta site.

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