Chirp Loud with Birdie Personal Alarm

Who can resist this blue?

Here at Practical Travel Gear we support healthy, fun and most importantly safe travels. With all the planning for food, accommodations, activities and transportation, personal safety shouldn’t be something you have to plan ahead for.

Birdie is a small, slim designed personal safety alarm that can attach to any bag, belt loop, key chain, dog leash and is light enough to carry in your hand. Birdie is quickly grabbed and added to you person for a walk home, jog on the trails or night out on the town.


About 3.5″ in length, the Birdie Personal Alarm is small enough to fit in your hand. Without the brass keychain, the Birdie can be added to your key ring without adding a ton of bulk. The brass key chain is really nice! Birdie slides on it effortlessly and it can attach to any loop, bag or pant I have in my house.

The exterior is soft and relatively slip proof, making it easy to pull the pin from the top of the Birdie Personal Alarm. I found that the rounded edges of the Birdie allow a longer carry because it doesn’t hurt to hold onto.


My Personal Alarm

My training grounds.

I carry my Birdie alarm with when I am going to and leaving work in the giant parking garage that we all park in at the hospital, on my runs/hikes and when I am at our short term rental properties to clean or meet with tenants.

Small and discrete.

The Birdie has replaced my pepper spray for many reasons. The first being the discrete design. It is easier for me to handle the Birdie than a clumsy can of spray. Second, my pepper spray has a safety lock on it that has to be lifted to engage the spray, which can make it hard to quickly make a move. Third, I want the loud noise. If I were to ever need to activate the Birdie, I want people to turn, look and see what is going on while the flashing light and 130db siren take care of the attacker.

The battery on the Birdie can last up to 40 minutes and each device has a on/off feature to ensure your battery is ready to chirp, if needed.

Lastly, I have switched to Birdie because I don’t want my personal safety device to be used against me. Unfortunately, there are cases where an attacker has been able to wrestle pepper spray away from the user and fire it against them.

Family Safety

I view the Birdie as a family friendly device. While it is for the college student, joggers and travelers, I also feel good about sending it out with my kids when they walk to the store that is just down the street. If there were a situation where they felt unsafe, they could activate the Birdie and run away. Worse case scenario, they turn on the blinding strobe light and pretend they are at a rave.

We tested the sound in the backyard using the instructions from the video on Birdie’s website and OH MAN! was it L-O-U-D. So loud that my son ran to the other side of the yard and a neighbor popped his head over the fence to make sure everything was OK and find out what the ruckus was all about.

Instructional Video Here: Test Your Birdie

Where to Buy

Birdie is available in 5 fashion forward colors, Indigo, Coral, Aqua, Lemon and Charcoal. Every Birdie comes with a brass key chain and retails for only $28.00 for one. $56 for two and a Flock of Five is $119. Birdie is available on their website.

We recommend the Birdie for anyone who travels, commutes, runs and hikes. We recommend it the woman who is a friend, a sister, a mother, an aunt and to the Grandmas.

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Safe travels!

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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