is a multiuse hooded polyester that is going to make your trips so much easier!

Invented in Vancouver, B.C. by a local beach lifeguard, the Chawel was born to make your beach, camping, airplane and car trips more enjoyable and with less gear or embarrassment.


CHAWEL Sport in navy

Due to the overwhelming embarrassing moments of changing while at the beach, the founding lifeguard initially designed the Chawel as a portable changing room. Clever, but thankfully it becomes so much more!

The Chawel functions like a XXL large shirt that you wear and easily change into or out of your swimsuit, pajamas, hiking gear, etc. There are junior options as well for the little guys who move so much while you are changing them. Simply put, Chawel protects your privacy.

Suncreen in a Bag

If your kids are anything like mine, applying sunscreen every 60 minutes is harder than getting them to eat their vegetables. Especially when they are tired and out of the water. Chawel can be thrown on over them while they are taking a break, eating lunch or warming up. With the absorption of the Chawel and the extra layer against the skin, kids will stay warmer. Plus, with the lack of fussing around a towel that won’t stay put, you can eat and enjoy your lunch as well.

Chawel are great for the inevitable nap in the sun as well. The JR covers our little ones up enough that we aren’t burying them in towels and spare clothes. The hood also allows for protection from the sun around their face. Pair the Chawel with the CGear Sand free mat for the best nap.

I love the darker colors that attract the sunlight and warm up and dry quicker.

Hidden Zipper Pocket and the Stuff Sack

One of my favorite features on the Chawel is this zipper pocket. It is intended for hiding your valuables while on the beach (because who wants to steal a towel?!?) it also doubles as the towel’s own stuff sack. As a minimalistic traveler, I appreciate a company that thinks ahead to the ever-forgetful mom or mimosa induced packing! I lose items all the time (portable chargers: 5, me: 0)! However, since I have yet to lose the stuff sack, I have been able to use the bag to carry other items like charging cables, small rocks that the littlest “HAS TO” take home, those great little toiletries the hotels leave for you or dirty laundry.

Stuff Sack


Laundry Bag

Not only does the stuff sack double as a little laundry bag, the Chawel itself can be stuffed with all the sandy, grimy clothing of your adventures.

Long Travel

For long car, plane and train rides, the Chawel can be folded and placed into the stuff sack to give you some relief from uncomfortable seats. I have yet to find a neck pillow that I would recommend and usually use a combination of s scarf and a blanket to create something that will get me through. This is where the Chawel is a nice replacement of my MacGyver pillow because you can easily compress the Chawel for smaller people or bunch it up and roll it up to support larger necks/heads.

The only issue is if you have used it for the previously mentioned laundry bag and don’t have access to it on your trip. This is when it is helpful to have a dedicated neck pillow.

Swim Team Moms Rejoice!

As a mother and wife to avid swimmers, we have spent countless hours poolside for practices and meets. As the weather cools off I often bring a quick dry towel AND bath robe for the breaks between the races. Now, I can bring one Chawel and have my towel, robe and changing room in one little bag. With the zippered pocket, I can even place his event list into it so we aren’t tattooing him with permanent markers every week. If nothing else, it will hold some snacks.

Stuff Sack

What I Would Change

Truthfully, there is little that I would change about the actual design. It is large enough to fit most body types into it and the JR version is awesome for all ages. I would love to see some brighter colors!

The Chawel has proven itself to be a family friendly towel, changing room, blanket, sleeping bag, fort cover and for a great price point. It is lightweight enough to bring on a multi-day camping trip or to throw into the swim team bag.

We recommend the Chawel for the sports family, travelers both internationally and stateside, campers, lake lovers and game goers. Chawel can be purchased on their website and a small section on

Confused as to which Chawel is right for you? While we will always stand behind (or in?) the Sport HD, there is an easy to read comparison chart HERE.