The Chaco sandal that transitions to fall

I live in my Chaco sandals all summer, and am always bummed to stash them away once autumn hits and my travel schedule demands a more refined wardrobe. But my troubles are over, because the Chaco Wayfarer has the elegant look of a dressier travel sandal while ensuring the comfort and versatility Chaco is known for.

What is the Wayfarer? It’s essentially Chaco‚Äôs classic Z sandal in leather. It comes in five leather shades ranging from otter (dark brown) to rust, tan (more of an off-white), tornado (dark gray) and port, but still has the same grippy sole and comfortable footbed you expect in a Chaco. This sandal has great traction and can be worn for hours on any terrain, yet looks just as at home in an upscale restaurant, museum, or cruise ship. I’ve worn mine to scramble up inclines of Mayan ruins, then later to the beach. You’ll want to break them in before taking them on a long trip, as I found the wide straps to rub on my upper foot until they’d stretched out a little, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. Pair the Wayfinder with a sundress, shorts and a tee, or a nice skirt at dinner. You’ll only need to pack one pair of shoes for your dressing up and dressing down needs.

The Wayfinder retails for $130 on the Chaco site, and can be found on Amazon or your local shoe store for the same price. They’re in size 5-12 for women with a medium width. The Wayfinder is also made in a guy’s version for the same price, but it only comes in two colors (which doesn’t seem fair).



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