Chaco Women Field Boot

The Chaco Women Fields Boot combines style with authentic ruggedness.   The Chaco Women Field Boot’s durability make them perfect for backcountry adventures.

TheseChaco Women Field boots are made of two-tone flat black and green leather, giving them a sleek, clean look.  They are much more attractive than your average pair of hiking boots.  The soft green laces add a splash of color to the boot, that compliments the bottom strip of green leather.

Chaco Women Fields BootThe strong metal hardware eyelets add to the durable, hard working looking of the boot, and at the same time are sure to withstand wear and tear.  These Chaco Women Fields Boot are made of high quality materials which are sure to last.

The soles of the Chaco Women Fields Boot have an aggressive rubber tread that grips all surfaces, making these ideal for serious hikers.  These boots will keep you safe even when traversing wet landscapes. The grip prevents back sliding on steep inclines.   In addition, these amazing boots include a removable insole that add around an inch of extra arch support and when broken in, will mold to the shape of the foot.

The height of the boot provides joint support to your ankle, as well as protection from underbrush where a shorter boot would leave the ankle more vulnerable.  The top of the Chaco Women Fields Boot has a rolled cuff that is comfortable and prevents rubbing of the back of the ankle.  The boot, while hugging your foot, still provides plenty of wiggle room for your toes.  Overall, the Chaco Women Fields Boot is a reliable addition to any outdoorsmen’s gear.

For day to day the Chaco Women Field Boot is your go-to for trail to tavern. Sturdy enough to get you up that mountain and up to the bar as your relax with your friends and hopefully a pup.

For traveling tips, I would suggest wearing the Chaco Women Fields Boots onto the plane and not packing them so you can keep your luggage space for extra take home gifts or the one dress you’re convinced you need to bring with!

Chaco ZX/2

HELLLOOOO Chaco! The Chaco ZX/2 women sandal is an absolute dream for the traveler. Easily adjustable straps, the thick sole allows you to navigate any terrain while preventing fatigue in your foot due to the arch support and the patented LUVSEAT footbed.

Women Fields Boot

Even in the humid conditions of Havana, Cuba the Chaco ZX/2 kept my foot secure in the foot bed and the straps allowed me to loosen or tighten depending on my swelling that day.

I received the Chaco ZX/2 in Classic Boost Black and they went with many of my outfits for our Havana trip. The black sole and patterned straps hide the dirt from the streets and markets while ensuring I was comfortable.

I appreciate the style of the sandals as a tourist because I need shoes to walk for hours in but I don’t want to LOOK like a tourist. Chaco ZX/2 checks all the boxes.

Chaco ZX Kid Sandal

I was worried the Chaco ZX Kid sandal would be too heavy for little ones to walk in all day. And (don’t tell the husband) but I was wrong. The Chaco ZX sandal was light enough for all day hiking and running around. I wish there was a closed toe option for some adventures but overall the Chaco ZX sandals are incredibly well built and will last through multiple children in our family.

The strap system is incredibly easy for the little ones to use. They have provided a short introductory video on how to secure your straps and it is worth your time to watch if these are your fist pair of Chaco sandals.

Overall, these shoes should be in every closet. They make for a great gift and the option for customization are endless. I especially love the Pac-Man print for 2018 classic shoes and classic arcade game? Match made in heaven.


Chaco shoes can be found on their website. This is the best place for customization. also carries a small selection of limited colors for less.