As summer comes to a close, there is a chance for one last hurrah at the beach or the lakeshore before settling into the fall and winter routine of weekday school or corporate morning wakeup calls. With Labor Day still ahead and plenty of winter vacations ahead to plan, the CGear Sand Free Beach Mat can be the perfect gift for those that like to soak up the rays or relax on the sand with a good book.

You may be thinking…what makes this better than a beach towel? Well, first of all, this does not become damp and coated in sand the way a wet towel would, which is what people love about it. You can wash it off with a hose like a beach chair. Thanks to the new weave that the company created for the material, it is softer and lighter meaning that it is more malleable to fold into a smaller, tighter size. That means you can fold it to stuff into a beach bag, the back of your car, or even to tuck under your arm. And unlike a wet, soggy (and don’t forget heavy and sandy beach towel), this can be washed clean before taking it home. Sand also sifts through the material easily without it piling upon the surface and becoming uncomfortable.

Another problem with a towel is that you can feel every bump and bend underneath it. When sitting on grassy areas, it cannot be comfortable if there are rocks underneath, and when using it on the beach, the hard surface is not very comfortable. The padded texture of this material means that it is great for relaxing in a variety of places. Towels can easily flap in the breeze and tangle or fold reducing the amount of space you have for enjoying it. The CGear Sand Free Beach Mat stays sturdily in place and free from dampness.

There are plenty of other uses for the beach mat. It is perfect for a picnic blanket, concert blanket, or tailgating blanket. It also works well for taking kids to a playground or for students to work outdoors on a college campus, for example. The ease of cleaning it is the core premise that unites all of these ideas. As a business traveler, I have found that it is a great way for me to get outside of an office for an hour or two to work comfortably on a laptop or handle paperwork in the fresh air instead of a stuffy office building. It is easy to fold this into a briefcase or duffel bag. Many offices may even want to keep one in their break room so that people can use it as they wish.

It’s easy to see the functionality of the material. For example, if a liquid were to spill on it, it simply beads up and wipes away with the flick of your wrist. It can also be wiped down with a cloth or washed off with a hose if you really want to make sure it is clean (depending upon the way you are using it).

CGear Sand Free Beach Mat

The mat comes in a variety of sizes (the small one is great for business travelers that want to stuff it into their bag for solo use). and colors. The large one works well for couples lying on the beach or those that want to entertain at a picnic or tail gate. You can drive stakes through the edges if you want to use it for more permanent situations.

This is a versatile gift that is ideal for summer, but also for football season tailgates or family picnics no matter what the time of year. It retails for less than $50 on the CGear website.

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