When you spend a lot of money on expensive ear buds or headphones, you want to assure that you are protecting them. Especially when new ear buds that fall from your ear could be complete goners (if they are not tied to anything); the same goes if they fall out of your pocket or travel bag.

Catalyst is known for producing a wide variety of useful products that protect our favorite electronics like the Catalyst Impact Protection Case For iPhone 8 or the Catalyst Impact Protection Case for 38mm/42mm Apple Watch and Accessories. That’s why I was especially to try out the new Catalyst Waterproof and Drop Proof Case for AirPods. They provide the perfect protection while keeping my devices and gadgets organized when I travel.

The case is designed to keep your ear buds free from moisture because they are waterproof. It is also drop proof meaning you can drop it from as high as four feet without worrying about any damage caused to your prized electronics. That is because of the military grade silicone material used to craft the scratchproof case. If you were to drop it into just over three feet of water, the waterproof silicone seal would keep water from seeping inside the case. A common mistake that some people make is washing their clothes with their AirPods left inside one of their pockets. Without a protective case, this would lead to damage, but if they were tucked inside this sealed case, you would be safe.

Those features are, of course, important, but what I think is especially cool is that you can charge your AirPods without having to remove the case. There is a space to run a charging cable through the case if you want to charge it while using it, and there is a carabiner attached to the case so that you can keep it clicked to your belt loop, purse, or briefcase. I liked how the snap closure on the top was easy to open and close without being too easy for it to pop open for something to mistakenly fall out.

Case For AirpodsThis means you have little concern to carry your AirPods, which can run as much as $200 when you buy them new, with you when you are working out, moving briskly down the sidewalk, or in inclement weather. I know people that like to use these when they are snow shoeing, and there is little worry to lose your white AirPods in the snow when not in use.

Catalyst says this is quite a unique patented design, and I think the low price point and variety of colors makes it even more special. This is a great gift for friends and colleagues, and for frequent travelers, it takes up little to no space at all. It even fits snugly into your pocket without making it feel too bulky, which is important even if you just want to clip it to your belt loop.

Even when you are not using them, the case looks unassuming, and it makes a great place to store them when not in use. If a pickpocket or thief is looking for valuables, this case does not indicate that something expensive is being stored inside. It can even be easily tucked away into small zippered pockets in your backpack, purse, or briefcase without being easily visible.

The Catalyst Waterproof and Drop Proof Case for AirPods retails for $25 on the Catalyst website and comes in numerous coordinated color patterns to fit your preferred mood and style. This is one of the newest items produced by Catalyst and will soon be available for purchase worldwide.

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