Catalyst Impact Protection Case For iPhone 8

When it comes to idiot proofing your devices, a sturdy phone case is the first line of defense. I am shocked to see the number of people that don’t use cases on their mobile devices.

When you get a new phone, along comes the search for a new case. The Catalyst Impact Protection case looked like a great option.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case For iPhone 8It comes in a range of colors and is still rather slim (some cases can bulk up the size and weight of your phone).

I liked the rubber edges that gave it a bit of a tug when pulling it in and out of your pocket.

Sometimes, if it is too smooth, it can easily slide out of your pocket or briefcase. It also makes it easier when trying to snap a photo or hold your phone and type with one hand.

The prime benefit of this phone case is its drop-proof ability to prevent damage from as high as nearly ten feet thanks to the absorbing polymer edge and a small cap of air that adds additional cushioning in the event your phone were to fall from your hands.

The front of the case also has a raised edge to protect the screen if your phone were to fall flat on its face.

This Catalyst case can also be used for the iPhone7, which is a nice dual perk, and comes with a small water-cleansing brush to keep your phone and case free from dust.

There’s also a waterproof (as deep as 33 feet) version of the case for those that want to use their phone on the beach or by the pool this summer.

I appreciated two features especially. One was the rotating mute switch, which requires a bit more effort to mute the phone. It’s so annoying when the on or off mute switch gets accidentally moved and my phone turns silent.

As a frequent traveler, the fact that the case comes on and off so easily is appreciated at security when traveling overseas. Occasionally, they ask you to remove it.

The Catalyst Impact Protection case retails for around $40 on the Catalyst website, which is quite a fair price for such a durable phone case.


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