Catalyst is known for its impressive line of protective phone and tablet cases, but it has begun to diversity by protecting even more of your valuable gear and gadgets. They are starting with the Apple watch with the new Catalyst Impact Protection Case for either 38mm or 42mm Apple watches. This was recently launched this month and has already generated quite the big splash.

The drop-proof cases are neither bulky nor awkward to wear, and they are especially handy for travelers that often find themselves jostling with other people or luggage in tight spaces like subway cars, airplane boarding areas, and crowded elevators.

What is most important in a protective case is guarding the digital interior, which even if shaken too hard can become damaged. The case has a patented digital crown button that is designed to act as a cushioning system using a rubber polymer blend. This is what allows the case to protect against drops of almost ten feet although that would still not have helped me from the time when I dropped my iPhone from a third-floor balcony in Bangkok.

Even with this case on it, you can still use all of the normal features of the Apple Watch remain fully functional including turning on and off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the LTE signal. You can still access Siri, the side button, and the heart rate sensor. Even the magnetic charging feature works.

There’s also a non-waterproof version of the case and a breathable sport band for the Apple watch. The sport band is soft and hypoallergenic; it’s notable for its easy adjustability, which is something that some people complain about with other brands. Both types of case retail for only $40 on the Catalyst website and comes in a variety of color patterns while the sport band is slightly less.

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