With the debut of iPhone 13, the new Catalyst Active Defense Influence Case for the iPhone 13 Series is ready and waiting to protect them. These expensive new toys require the type of case that will keep them safe. The Active Defense line of iPhone cases from Catalyst can do just that. The Catalyst Active Defense Vibe Series Case for iPhone 13 is another great option. It depends on your personal style and design preferences.

Active Defense Influence Case for the iPhone 13 Series

Case For The Iphone 13With drop protection as high as ten feet, iPhone 13 owners can breathe a sigh of relief that their expensive investment is safe. An internal air cushion keeps your phone safe using military-grade materials. If you drop it while jogging, biking or even forget it on the top of your car, the strong case does its job.

This case also offers 30% more volume than a standard case-less iPhone thanks to its “forward audio technology.” In addition, the back of the case resists fingerprints. That is always a problem when constantly using my iPhone, especially after using lotion or hand sanitizer.

These cases can charge wirelessly or via the standard iPhone cord. Many protective cases do not work well with wireless capability. This case is MagSafe and QI wireless charging compatible, which means you don’t have to remove the case. Another new addition is an easy-access mute switch. Other cases require you to reach into tiny openings that do not always align perfectly with the phone. The other buttons like volume and power switch are also perfectly lined up so that it is easy to press with the case applied.

Additional accessories allow you to personalize the case, which already comes in a variety of colors. Sure to be especially popular is a new glow-in-the-dark option. You won’t have to worry about losing your phone when you can see it in a dark room.

Active Defense Vibe Case for the iPhone 13 Series

Iphone 13I really liked the textured carbon fiber pattern on the back that gives it a more business-friendly look. Like the Influence line of cases, many of the same features remain. A few highlights include the same drop-proof protection from ten-feet high. Buttons easily align on the side of the case so it is easy to use your phone with the case applied. Other similarities include MagSafe and QI wireless charging compatibility as well as the 30% volume increase.

Another excellent feature of both of these cases is the raised edge around the camera lens. It helps to protect the camera lens when your phone is placed on a table or in your pocket. This case comes with a lanyard so that you can hang the phone from your neck or a briefcase or purse handle. Catalyst also installed a built-in magnet to help the device achieve a 10-minute faster charge time. That is something that we can all relate to and appreciate.

On its edges are a non-slip, grip surface that makes it easy to hold onto your phone. If you are like me, I am often walking and talking or typing. This keeps it firmly in hand without the worry of it falling. Its primary difference is in the many design and color combinations. Tempered glass screen protectors for both models are new. They are thin, lightweight and very responsive to the touch while keeping your screen from scratching.

The bottom line

Without being overly expensive, these two cases retail on the Catalyst website among other places for around $40-50 each. They come in different versions including options for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. Both of these newly launched cases are an ideal holiday gift or stocking stuffer for the connected traveler.

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