Carve Designs is what Practical Travel Gear is all about. Clean lines, sustainability, clothing that looks great, can perform multiple tasks and is affordable. One of the best piece of advice I got when I bought my first house was to fill it with items I LOVED instead of what was immediately available. This philosophy applies to clothing as well. Fill your closet with clothes that make you feel good and you LOVE.

Carve Designs is sure to find a place in your closet and we are excited to introduce you to this amazing brand!

The Beginning of a Brand

We happily tested out the Tucker Convertible dress and a pair of the Noosa Board shorts. Carve Designs was founded in 2003 by two friends who were looking for board shorts that could fit real bodies.

Along with their responsible manufacturing in the U.S. (creating jobs and decreasing the carbon footprint of transportation), Carve Designs strives to create beautiful clothing with sustainable fabrics.

  • Organic Cotton, made in non-genetically modified plants and without pesticides
  • Modal, a biodegradable fabric that comes from beech trees, and reduces Carve’s chemical burden on the environment.
  • Tencel ®, a natural fiber derived from quickly renewable eucalyptus trees. Tencel requires less water than cotton to produce and is completely biodegradable.

Tucker Convertible Dress

The Tucker Convertible Dress is comprised of 60% Organic Cotton and 40% Modal. The softness of the fabric is something to note as it is not abrasive or constrictive. The Tucker Convertible Dress can be worn as a strapless dress with a draw cord top.

Tucker Convertible Dress

Tucker Convertible Dress

Tie around your neck for additional support or tie into a bow. This can be considered look #1. Need to pair it with shorts? Fold the top over at the waist, tie the side up, pull up to your chest and create a shirt. Have one if their adorable bikini tops? Fold the top of the dress down at the waist for a double layer skirt.

Carve Designs

Tucker Convertible Dress as a shirt

The elastic waist on the dress is forgiving and doesn’t dig in while you are eating lunch, walking around the city or longboarding down the boardwalk. It makes for a great brunch dress, swimsuit cover up and travel staple. Especially if you are trying to minimalize your packing to a few items.

I normally steer clear of stripes but the cut and the weight of the stripes is very flattering for all body types and sizes. Remember their mission to create clothing for real bodies? They have succeeded with the Tucker Convertible Dress.

Noosa Boardshorts

Find brands you already have and enter your size. The calculator will then assist on sizes for Carve Designs.

Carve Designs has a great and innovated Fit Predictor. Choose a brand you normally wear from the drop-down menu and input your size you normally wear from them. The Crave size calculator will then determine your best fit in their clothing. After using it for the Tucker Convertible Dress, I can say that it is an accurate measurement tool.

The Tucker Convertible Dress breathes well in the humid weather due to the Organic Cotton and does not shrink after washing. I did not put it into the dryer and laid it flat to dry.

Tucker Convertible Dress is available in indigo, gold or flamingo pink stripes.

Noosa Boardshorts

I can see why the Noosa Boardshort is noted as a customer favorite on the website.

Noosa Boardshorts

Noosa Boardshorts

Lightweight, comfortable, odor resistant, quick dry and adorable. The custom fabric allows you to show off your personality without compromising any technical aspects or comfort.

The inseam is a great length at 6” and the curved hem allows for great range of motion in the shorts. Whether you are paddle boarding, surfing or the flag girl on the boat, they will ensure you are able to perform your duties and provide 50+ sun protection.

Noosa Boardshorts

Color Options for Noosa Boardshorts.

The Noosa Boardshorts has a Velcro secured back pocket so you can keep your hotel key, cash or card with you while on your adventures.

Available in sizes 2 to 12, the shorts run true to size. Do check out the size predictor as discussed above for a size suggestion.

Pick up their Sanitas Reversible Top in the same color-ways for an extra dose of fashion with performance. Another fantastic top suggestion is the Carve Cruz Rashguard. Pairing the Noosa with the Cruz allows you to cut back on the sun screen application and rely on Carve Designs. Two for one deal on fashion and health!

There’s So Much More

Don’t stop there! The Land-to Sea line is perfect for early morning waves and runs. The Duckdive fabric will ensure you stay warm while allowing the fabric to breathe so you aren’t a sweaty mess. The leggings are thick enough to wear in the water and then into town for groceries or sightseeing.

I love that Carve Designs is available year-round with amazing selections. Most of us take off for warmer weather during the later months of the year and it can be a bear to find packable, earth friendly clothing in the dead of winter.

Warmer weather gear has never looked so good and fit so well!

The Tucker Convertible Dress ($68.00) and Noosa Boardshorts ($60.00) are available on the Carve Designs website or a small selection of items can be found on