Camping Gear

Tinkle Belle: Move over Peter, There’s a New Belle in Town

By Leah Guill | August 22, 2018

The Tinkle Belle is the cheeky answer to your outdoor voiding issues. Tinkle Belle was created by a urology nurse and a group of adventure loving women for car travel, backpacking, camping or even potty-training! With a great sense of humor to address the stand-up peeing phenomenon Tinkle Belle will be sure to cause, you…


ECO Adventure Kit: A Plastic Free Option

By Leah Guill | August 18, 2018

As a traveler, we should all be conscience of our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet we call home. It takes a lot of transportation to get to some of the most beautiful places in the world so the little things we can do at home and on the road, will ensure future generations can…


ROXs 2s Provides Entertainment for Kids and Parents Alike

By Leah Guill | August 16, 2018

ROXs 2s Provides Entertainment for Kids and Parents Alike Like any parent, we are trying to limit the amount of screen time our kids have. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s tough.  However, A-Champs has created the ROXs 2s system to cure not only summer boredom but the winter blues as well. The ROXs 2s…


Headsweats: The Boonie Hat

By Leah Guill | August 15, 2018

Finding that one Go-To hat is always a problem. Can it pack well? Does it stay on? Is it cute? Headsweats is the leader in amazing hats for outdoor activities and the Boonie Hat is no exception. Available in black or white, the Boonie Hat is perfect for those summer days when the sun is…


Mountain Khakis Compass Cooler for summer days

By Amy | July 17, 2018

‘Tis the season for camping, picnicking, festival-going and boating, which means it’s also the season to find just the right soft-sided cooler for your outdoor travel needs. We all know of those extreme coolers with the staggering price tag, and we’re all experienced in the super cheap, useless ones, too. What’s in the middle? This…


Glacier Stainless Steel Camper cookware set

By Amy | June 26, 2018

GSI Outdoors is a sure bet when it comes to camping gear, especially in the category of the camp kitchen. We’ve been testing and buying GSI Outdoors cookware and kitchen gear for years, and what’s nice is that all the pieces still work well together and can be nested and integrated into whatever configurations we…


Backcountry Bed Proves Camping is for Everyone

By Leah Guill | June 24, 2018

Sierra Designs presents the answer to your sleeping bag v. pillow problems, the Backcountry Bed. Many of my summer memories are filled with images of camping and sleeping under the stars. As a kid, our sleeping bags consisted mostly of every blanket in the house. Now that I have grown up, I want to invest…


Organic Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee Pods

By Ramsey | June 18, 2018

One thing that is cool is that you can easily travel with them as they are TSA-compliant and be carried through airport security.


DrySleeping Comfort System

By Ramsey | May 28, 2018

This is a great gift for those that have trouble sleeping especially if their partner is the opposite when it comes to sleeping styles and preferring a warmer temperature.


Deuter Speed Lite 24L and Fox 40L Backpack

By Leah Guill | May 26, 2018

Deuter backpacks have been on our review list for a while now. There bright colors, lightweight design and signature Vari Quick strap adjustment system makes them a great option for you or your family. We reviewed the Speed Lite 24L and the Fox 40 for kids. Speed Lite 24SL Women’s Day Backpack First, I thought…