Buff Pack Trucker Cap

Always been a hat guy; adorned by many from top hats to cowboy hats, Navy white hat to Irish
flat caps, fur hats and more.  A good hat becomes a friend and memories happen with good
Being no stranger to ball caps I’m pleased to share a review of the Buff Pack Trucker Cap. This
hat is remarkably light and flexible. It came looking snazzy in black and gray and is touted for its
cooling effects. This makes a difference for packing it and also for wearing it. The flexibility
creates a very interesting fit. Many ball caps have a stiffer brim (visor) and buckram (two front
panels) which I have always expected. This one has a very thin and flimsy brim which was odd
at first, yet I have come to really enjoy it!

Hat hair is unavoidable for those with hair, but this very securely fitting cap keeps it in the place
you put it. The malleable nature of the Buff Cap allows for one handed minor adjustments
(normally with a ball cap I have to totally take it off, brush my hair back and reconfigure).

This Buff cap is truly lightweight and stays in place remarkably well even when doing active
things.  It was my companion for miles up and down the Oregon coast. We sat next to beach
fires and cooking fires, walked together in the woods and on the sand. Ocean breezes were no
problem either in swiping the hat off or in allowing my hair to go in all different directions.  I
am still blessed with a full head of hair and often get irritated when it sticks out the back of the
hat (the adjustable closure). For some reason with this hat it didn’t happen! Big plus. So many
good qualities made for quite the romance.

Sweaty hikes in the Boise foothills? Check. No problem! The form fitted cap stayed firm and
definitely felt cooler than others… almost like it wasn’t there. The Pack Trucker Cap must really
wick moisture because it wasn’t a sloppy mess and a simple rinse with mild dish soap refreshed
my friend and it dried quickly. Still looked new. Not just another ball cap, this one has become
one of my favorite hats.

-Guest contributor, Ryan

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