Buff Neck Gaiter/COOLNET UV+ Multifunctional Headwear

Jane Austen said “a man with many hats doesn’t like his haircut”. Maybe he just didn’t shower?
In either case, or neither, the Buff Neck Gaiter/COOLNET UV+ Multifunctional Headwear has a
UPF 50 rating and wicks moisture. It does so many things even if it’s not exactly a hat!
Being a hat guy from a very young age, I have worn most every type. This is my first encounter
with a Buff buff.🙂 Whether you are surviving or thriving, the buff might be for you.

Hat hair is a thing and beard hair is too!🙂 Perhaps not for the majority demographic or the
intended use by the manufacturer, still it’s real for me that the buff was the perfect remedy to
contain my longer than usual beard through a night’s rest. For a change, the beard didn’t get
stuck under my shoulder when I rolled over! Awesome. Though I certainly woke up with buff
beard lol.

As for intended use, the Buff Neck Gaiter surely did a superb job catching and wicking sweat on
hikes when worn as a headband. My son wore it high on his face and neck while fishing and
said that it did an exceptional job of keeping the reflective sun off and that it certainly had a
cooling effect.

While the snow hasn’t flown just yet, we certainly can’t wait to use it on the slopes. Seems to me
it would be the perfect neck accoutrement for both the cooling effect (ie, when you’re heated up)
and a windbreaking effect when you feel cold. It would also be great for facial protection while
skiing through powder, snowfall and bitter winter winds and for those of us who possess the
need for speed.😀

As for packability, the buff is truly a featherweight and can fold or scrunch into a tiny mass which
fits into your pack or pocket as if it wasn’t even there. Overall, why not add a buff or two to your
adventure inventory?

-Guest Contributor, Ryan

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