Oh boys and girls do we have the travel stool for you! Hillsound is breaking into the compact stool world like Beyonce at the Grammys so make sure you pay attention. The incredibly lightweight 7001 aluminum tripod stool is masterfully crafted to ensure it has a permanent place in your travel gear.BTR Stool

The 17″ BTR Stool can hold up to 240 lbs but the stool only weighs 14.1 Oz. Thats less than ONE POUND! The tripod design comes with a 14″ or 17″ 100% nylon seat that is removable and washable. The Aluminum Alloy legs easily extend with one hand and when the seat is opened a Phantomlock engages and secures the legs in place while you enjoy the scenery. Setup of the BTR Stool is less than 5 seconds.

Both the 14″ and 17″ pack down to a size that fits easily into your backpack’s water bottle sleeve, could easily be put into a cooler or gear tied to your off road vehicle ready to help you relax, fish and “Salud!” to a great day over your roaring fire.

Both size options for the Hillsound BTR stool are available in three colors to fit your personality- Black, Alpenglow Orange and Glacier Blue. We have the 17″ Glacier Blue and I am in love with theHillsound Btr Stool color. As a family of 4 being able to bring along 4 stools to sporting events, camping trips, backyard adventures and the current driveway socially distancing happy hours with neighbors used to be an exercise in logistics. Now, even the kids can carry their own chair

without complaint.

For the Ultralite hiker/biker and backpacker in your life, the BTR Stool is the perfect addition to their short list of gear. Keep your backside happy and ready for another day of adventure with the Glacier BlueBTR Stool because it is, in fact, Better Than a Rock.

Retailing for $55-60, the Hillsound BTR Stool has a place in every home and makes for a great stocking stuffer this Holiday Season. Visit Hillsound’s website for a full selection of the BTR Stool and check out all their other gear when you stop by!


Safe Travels!