If you cannot decide between taking a briefcase or a backpack on your next trip, the Briggs & Riley Delve Convertible Brief Bag could be the ideal travel companion. This day pack can function as both, and it comes with a cross-body sling so you can easily take it to work, the gym, on a hike, or short weekend trip.

It is immediately apparent when you look at this convertible brief that it has all the quality and workmanship of a Briggs & Riley bag. This includes the brand’s solid warranty program in case something goes wrong with the bag. Once, I had a broken zipper on a bag I had for years, and the company replaced the bag for free.

In fact, this bag has two zippers that can even be zipped together and sealed with your own lock for added security. The exterior pocket does not flaunt the zipper, which is instead cleverly hidden to deter pickpockets. One brilliant feature is that the inner lining of the exterior pocket (the one where you are most likely to put valuables like coins and keys) is orange. This means you can notice if it is open just with a quick glance and can easily protect your personal belongings.

Briefcase mode

Let’s start with the interior. It is a slim briefcase that has pockets for your laptop, mobile devices, and paperwork. I liked how it was small enough to slide underneath the seat in front of me on a plane or beneath my legs if I am riding as a passenger in a car. As someone that likes to stuff their bags as full as can be, I appreciated the organization of this case.

It can carry a surprisingly large amount fitting more than just paperwork. I was able to pack a change of clothes, toiletries, a bottle of water, and electronics without the bag appearing overstuffed. My laptop has its own compartment, which keeps it protected from other things inside the main compartment.

Like a traditional briefcase, it has a top handle so you can carry it with you as well as a zippered back panel (my favorite part of a good briefcase) because it allows you to slide it over a rolling carry-on bag. There is an external pocket for you to reach quick items. The bag also features an RFID blocking pocket where you can store things like credit cards that can be vulnerable to digital thieves.

I liked the sophisticated black exterior of the bag; it’s not flashy and works well for its variety of intended uses whether for a meeting or personal travel. The bag has a special coating to help it resist moisture and gentle scratches keeping it looking good if you take care of it.

Another great feature is that the bag is incredibly lightweight at under three pounds when empty. For international travelers especially (where airline agents are known to weigh carry-on bags), this is an important factor for me.

convertible briefBackpack mode

To convert it into a backpack, you just unzip the pocket where the shoulder straps stay neatly tucked away. There is a handle on the top of the bag should you want to carry the bag vertically, too.

All of the interior features of this convertible brief remain the same when you use it as a backpack. It just changes the way you carry it. Another reason this could be perfect for business travelers is that you won’t need to carry a separate gym or workout bag, for example, when taking short trips. The bag works for business purposes, and then you can transform it into a backpack to use for sightseeing or whatever leisure pursuits you may have.

Personally, I get hot easily, especially when wearing a backpack. I really appreciate that the straps are padded with mesh to give you a bit of a cushion so you don’t immediately become sweaty when wearing the bag on your back. Even in backpack mode, the size is small enough to qualify as a carry-on item when flying and fits beneath the seat in front of you with room to spare.

The multifunctional Briggs & Riley Delve Convertible Brief retails for $289 and comes with all the sturdiness and quality you can expect from this brand. It makes the perfect Father’s Day gift or, for when we can get back to traveling in full force, for business travelers and road warriors.


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