BrenthavenThe Brenthaven Medina Slim Brief messenger and laptop bag is probably the coolest bag I have ever owned. Never mind the Napa leather trim and soft texturized surface. The color and leather handles (whether shoulder slung or briefcase-hung) are as sleek as it gets. I would not expect anything less from Brenthaven’s business-minded, yet cosmopolitan design team.

This bag features a laptop and tablet compartment that will hold anything from 13 to 15.6 inches easily and is lightweight itself giving it great usage given that many overseas airlines actually weigh carry-on luggage as well as checked bags.

With multiple easy-zip compartments, there is ample space to stow keys, coins, passports, boarding passes, and everything in between. The bag is hardly fat, which for people who tend to overstuff their bags (like me), can be a problem. This is your chance to downsize and choose what needs to travel.

The interior pockets have divided space for electronics and a separate area for magazines or paperwork. Forget about shoving in workout clothes, toiletry kits, or anything more than electronic charging gear because the bag will begin to bulge. But, that is the beauty of this bag. That it is sleek, stylish, and slim meaning it is meant for an all-day business meeting or to simply replace one’s briefcase.

It also bears a timeless style with quality material that resists initial water impact making it quite helpful for those that plan to use this bag frequently while walking outdoors.

My biggest pet peeve about this stylish bag is that it cannot easily swing over a rollaboard bag via a back zippered pocket, which many bags feature as an accessory. It rides along nicely if you dangle the shoulder strap over your rollaboard, but that can be a pain as it slips and slides across bumps.

Brenthaven has a lifetime guarantee, which allows you to return an item for repair or replacement with no questions asked.

This attractive messenger bag is available at Nordstrom or on Brenthaven’s website for between $150 and $295 depending upon its laptop size pocket.

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