Can you smell it? The BBQs in your neighbor’s backyards are heating up and proteins of choice are hitting the grill plates while bellows of smoke fills their yards. But across the fence, in your own yard, on your own Breeo Searplate Griddle, your dinner is hitting the heat and the only thing following you around is the dog, wishing for you to look away just long enough to help themselves to a bite of dinner.

The smokeless Breeo Grill has added a new accessory to their already stellar lineup of products. The Breeo Sealplate simply lays on top of your original smokeless grill when in use and can be removed immediately with two handles and placed on a fire safe surface.

Breeo Searplate GriddleThe carbon steel makeup of the griddle allows for a beautiful sear on all your foods, while holding shape throughout your cooking experience. The griddle is open in the middle, allowing you, the one true chef of the household, to utilize Breeo’s grill and kettle as well. On our first night, we prepped and cooked not only that night’s dinner but a whole week of lunches and protein packed snacks for two.

From flank steak, prawns, veggies and jalapeno poppers, we ate like Kings and Queens. Following dinner, we were then able to remove the grill and searplate griddle from the smokeless Breeo fire pit and enjoy the heat and hypnotizing dance of the flames while finishing off a bold red wine. Once the coals had formed, we made smores with the kids. This is all with ONE basic unit and it’s fantastic accessories.

Clean up and after cooking care was as easy as wiping down the griddle plate and applying a food grade oil to the surface. Even the cheese from the jalapeno poppers was easy to clean off.

Smokeless BreeoI’m going to be the first to say it, the Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit is the little black dress of entertaining in the backyard- a little black back dress? Let’s workshop this later.  Dress it up or down with one or two accessories, depending on the event, but it will always be there for you and will make you look like the expert chef you strive to be. It’s no secret that we have been fans of our Breeo for years now. The grill accompanies us on all our camping or tailgating trips. Some of our most important conversations have happened sitting around our Breeo Smokless Firepit. Breeo has impressed us with their ingenuity and consistent products and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

I recommend the Searplate for the Michelins star chef to the Grill Master. The ease of setup, cleanup and storing of the griddle makes Breeo a staple of this household. Do take the chance to look at the Breeo website and check out the beautiful chairs and storage furniture coming out. The Searplate Griddle retails starting at $170. Choose the corresponding size to your Breeo Firepit for the ultimate cookout. Breeo and it’s products can be purchased on their website:


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