Grilling season is upon us! Whether you are able to travel out of the backyard or are able to venture out, the Breeo Outpost is a gem of a grilling partner.

Due to the unusually wet weather we are experiencing this year in Idaho, we haven’t had a real opportunity to adventure out and build an open fire. But that doesn’t stop us from consuming the ‘panic-buy’ amount of protein in our freezer right now.

Breeo Outpost GrillingThanks to the stay at home order, I decided to invest heavily on meat and fill our freezer. I was ready for the order to stand for over a month and we were going to eat like Kings and earn our COVID 19 lbs!

Breeo Outpost (we have the 19″) has made cooking at home even more fun. It gets us out of the traditional kitchen and we are able to create the same tin foil meals you and I grew up with when camping. We have also discovered that the adjustable height is perfect for finishing off our Sou Vous steaks and fish.



The Breeo Outpost is beautifully constructed and built right here in the USA! Constructed out of stainless steal, the Breeo has a heavy and feel to it. The three piece system is incredibly simple to put together and the anchor point holds firmly to the ground.

We have been receiving inches of rain a day and our Breeo Outpost hasn’t moved from its original location. No leaning, weak points or collapse from this grilling surface!

As parents of small children, having the Breeo grilling surface be as sound as the Outpost allows us to have the kids help more without the fear of collapse and trips to the burn unit.

Breeo's X SeriesEasy to Clean

We sprayed the top surface with a little olive oil and had no problem cleaning the grill surface after cooking. The anchor point and  vertical stand were just as easy to wipe down before returning the whole Breeo Outpost to the carrying bag.

Breeo Outpost can easily attach to Breeo’s X Series, Double Flame and Zentro smokeless fire pits.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Accessories for the Breeo Outpost includes the kettle hook and the coolest grilling apron! No cheeky sayings on this apron- it is made from 100% Genuine Top-grain Vegetable-tanned Leather. It is sure to please! Beard and plaid not included or required to wear this piece of grilling apparel.Breeo Outpost

The Breeo Outpost is the perfect grilling companion when fishing, camping tailgating and just backyard grilling. We are so pleased with the Outpost and can’t wait to take in on more adventures!

Available on Breeo’s website, the Outpost comes in 19 or 24″ and all accessories and apparel can be ordered via the website. A small selection of Breeo can be found on

Eat Well and Travel Safely!