Hiking is one of many fun and favorite outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy hiking as an occasional hobby or you are a diehard adventurer, you need a hiking shoe or boot that can keep up with you. Women in particular often find it difficult to find the perfect hiking shoe or boot that is comfortable, protected, and that is also stylish. Well, ladies, look no further than GoLite for women’s hiking shoes and hiking boots. GoLite offers a large line of products from hiking shoes in various colors to hiking recovery boots to the multi-sport shoe. Check out some reviews on the most popular hiking shoes and boots by GoLite.

GoLite XT Comp Hiking Boot

GoLite Footwear XTComp Women
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GoLite Footwear XTComp Women

  • Synthetic.
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole.
  • 2mm heel-to-toe drop.
  • Adjustable insole.
  • Resin impregnated rock plate.

For my inaugural test of the GoLite XT Comp shoe, I laced up at a lodge near the base of Lake Louise, Alberta, and set out to hike the wet and steep trails of the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park after an early October storm.

At the lower elevations, I navigated through muddy sections and slippery rocks with ease, and by the time I hiked half-way to my goal of Little Beehive above Lake Agnes, snow was falling. Near Lake Agnes, the snow had accumulated enough that other hikers were slipping traction grip overlays over their hiking boots.

Not me: the XT Comp shoe was performing nicely in the wet slush and light powder, thanks to its ‘rock absorber’ traction sole comprising of rubber nobs. My verdict: the XT really is the ‘state-of-the-art off-road performance shoe’ that’s advertised.

During the five mile round-trip hike in the above conditions, my feet never got wet, despite the fact that the XT Comp doesn’tlook waterproof.

Why: a low cut and plenty of ventilation in the mesh upper makes this shoe look like a warm-weather pick. However, the traction on the sole is seriously substantial. It’s touted as lightweight, but I’d amend that to say ‘as lightweight as possible for a shoe with this much stabilization and traction.’

I loved the substance I got from this shoe without sacrificing the low ankle rise. If you’re looking for a reasonably lightweight, ankle-length shoe that provides the traction and stabilization of a full above-ankle hiking boot, this may be the one.

The heel is zero-lift for a natural stride; I found I needed to play around with insoles to get the just-right fit. The XT fits me wider than most shoes, which is both a plus and a minus: I like how easy it is to slip on over wool socks, and the ability to loosen them while traveling (I wore mine on a commuter train and in the car on the same Rockies trip), but I also needed to adjust the insoles to get the support I wanted.

All GoLite shoes come with adjustable insoles, which I definitely utilize. Use the velcro base to add or remove layering to the sole as needed. I found that removing all but the base of the insole gave me the best fit. Also comes in men’s sizing, in artisan gold or navy.

Hiking Boots and Recovery Shoes for Women

GoLite Women's XT89
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GoLite Women's XT89

  • Premium Waterproof Leather Upper.
  • Lightweight EVA Midsole.
  • Resin Impregnated Rock Plate.
  • Asymmetrical Protective Rubber Toe Rand.
  • 1206XT31, 1206XT30.

GoLite has assembled a perfect team of shoes for women who love outdoor adventure. Start with their XT89 hiking boot, a full-duty boot with all the bells and whistles. You get premium, waterproof leather, a protective rubber toe guard, and a soft tongue and flexible lace system. The boot secures the ankle, a plus if you’re prone to tripping over roots like I am.

What really sets GoLite’s hiking boots apart is the sole. It’s extremely flexible and intuitive. You get great traction with the signature ‘gecko’ bumps (called Gecko 270), but also a midsole that works in tandem with the outsole, bending at will.

What does this mean? The hiking boot performs like a running shoe. Even though the XT89 is as substantial as most mid weight hikers, it moves much more fluidly along the trail. Plus, it’s zero drop construction means that your heel doesn’t come up as you walk, eliminating blisters.

Because of the unique design of the XT89, there are some unique issues to watch for. For instance, perhaps due to the zero drop feature, my foot shifts further forward in the boot when I walk than usual.

The emphasis of my gait seems to be on the ball of my foot, not my heel. (This is the correct way to walk, but still may be foreign to some of us who have been adjusting to other footwear for far too long.) Because of this, I opted for a half size bigger in the XT89.

The footbed of the XT89 includes a noticeable amount of arch support. I love this, personally, but if you don’t, this could become a factor. The arch is pronounced enough to possibly roll your foot inward.

The boot does come with an optional (and removable and customizable) insole system that can adapt the footbed to your liking.

The After Hike Shoe

GoLite Women's Lime Lite Multi-Sport Shoe
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GoLite Women's Lime Lite Multi-Sport Shoe

  • Leather.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Precise fit provides customized fit for almost any foot.
  • Dual density PU midsole.
  • Low cut all around outdoor hiker.

But wait, there’s more. You’ll want to pair your new hiking boots with GoLite’s new recovery shoes, the GoLite Elixir. These shoes are not just apres-sport cozy footwear: they actually help your feet recover from the day’s activity. How? With an incredible foot massage, as far as I can tell.

It’s hard to describe; you just slide them on, and immediately say, “Ahhh.” Here’s how GoLite says it works: memory foam over the top of the shoe (forming to your foot) provides compression, promoting blood flow.

At the same time, the footbed cushions your foot with maximum shock absorption, with a supportive arch that rests against the ball of your foot like a masseuse’s hand against a pressure point. Truly, it’s heavenly.

I wear my Elixirs not only after hiking, but also in the airport (so easy to slide on and off for security, and great for blood flow during long flights), at home, and after days at conferences, theme parks, or wherever I’ve walked a great deal.

The design of the Elixir is a slip-on, so they’re not ideal for long walking periods (put them on afterward), but they are equally great with or without socks and in winter or summer. The soles have good traction, so they will work for short commutes around the campground, across the snow from the lodge, and for other short distances in all conditions.

Unlike the XT89, they do run big, so you may want to order one size down.

Women’s Trail Lite Multi-Purpose Shoe

GoLite Women's Lime Lite Multi Purpose Shoe
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GoLite Women's Lime Lite Multi Purpose Shoe

  • Leather. Imported
  • Rubber sole.
  • Precise fit provides customized fit for almost any foot.
  • Dual density PU midsole.
  • Low cut all around outdoor hiker.

I do a lot of hiking around my Colorado home, and low-cut hiking boots (a.k.a. multi-use trail shoes) always accompany me on my travels when there’s any chance I might be doing some off-road walking or mountain wandering.

These GoLite “Trail Lites” are my latest go-to shoe for such excursions, namely because they are so stinkin’ comfortable.

Like the men’s GoLite Lime Lites my colleague Tim reviewed a couple months back, the women’s Trail Lites have this awesome Paw Pad Suspension System outsole (see the rubber lugs/nubs on the bottom of the shoe below) combined with some “soft against the ground technology,” that totally puts a spring in my step when I’m walking on a gravel road, dirt path or on a sidewalk.

Marketing materials explain that the shoe “incorporates a stable platform directly under the foot and suspends it on soft foam that lies between your stablized foot and the ground.”

Indeed, my foot totally feels “suspended” in these shoes; I feel like I’m walking on air. Sounds, cliché — but it’s true. Between the 30+ nubs on the bottom of the shoe that seem to give me some lift and this cool technology, I truly feel like I should be bouncing around the trail, not walking. The shoe actually energizes me. I love that!

The shoes come with different inserts that can help you adjust the width of the shoe for an ideal fit, but I always pull out the manufacturer’s insoles and replace with my soft orthodics, so I can’t speak to how these work.

The shoes nearly fit perfectly right out of the box: on day two,t I got a blister on one heel, but I think it was because I was wearing cotton socks with them. Since that day — about two months ago — I’ve worn a thin wool or other non-cotton sock with the shoes and have had no problem (whew — I was a little worried when the blister appeared).

Regarding style, I like the look of this shoe, but I don’t love it. I prefer the more rugged “hiking” style of my Teva Dalea eVents, actually; these Go Lites look a bit more like a “walking shoe,” especially when they are on my feet.

I’m reminded of a style I might see at the Naturalizer store, rather than in an outdoors store. If I could combine the look of the Teva shoe with the feel of my Go Lite, that would be my perfect off-road, multi-use shoe. Alas, my Tevas are a bit stiff and these Go Lites aren’t as hip as I think they could be.

That said, I’ve worn the Trail Lites in desert sand and backyard mud — in rain and in late-spring snow — over the last couple months. They’ve held up well in all sorts of conditions, and I’ll continue to put them to the test this summer, for sure.