Count me in as a huge fan of these earphones for their convenience to carry, comfort for sleeping in (even when on your side), and inability to tangle cords easily. Many people swear by their noise-canceling headphones, but I find them to be rather impractical. They only muffle or cover up sound (yes, even the most expensive ones still permit sounds like crying babies or loud talkers), and they take up valuable space in your carry-on bag.

The Brainwavz M2 Noise-isolating IEM earphones are the perfect antidote to those problems. For example, for starters they are much cheaper in price at around $60 per pair. They are much easier to stuff into your pocket, backpack, purse or briefcase, and the earphones take up hardly any room in your seat area.

They can be plugged into almost any sound system or your smartphones or tablets. The bass sound is solid, and I find the audio quality to be exceptional when compared to the freebie headsets given out on many airlines.

The cords are tangle-free when kept in the hard-shell case that they come with (all bets are off if you stuff them into your bag without the case), and the plastic covering keeps the braided wires less likely to tangle. I use them comfortably when walking around and talking on the phone or for napping on the plane with white noise plugged into my smart phone. It’s even easy to fall asleep without them falling out of your ears or becoming tangled around your seatbelt. One of the most clever features is the shirt clip that keeps them organized when you’re moving (or sleeping)

There are no inline controls on these earphones, which I found to be the only major pitfall. They are extremely lightweight and quite durable making them perfect for road warriors. I also lighted the soft, rubbery surface of the ear buds, which come in multiple sizes for comfort, although the actual casing is metal (you don’t really feel that even when sleeping on your side).

The logo-free Brainwavz M2 Noise-isolating IEM earphones retail for $60.

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