Bracketron Roadtripper Travel Mount

It can be tough to stay entertained on a plane or in the car if you are on a long journey. But, several companies are making it easier for travelers to do just that by creating products that fit perfectly with our favorite personal electronic devices. Bracketron has a new Roadtripper Travel Mount that affixes to an airplane tray table or armrest of the side bar of a car’s console. The mount also works as a standalone device that holds your gadgets upright on any table or flat surface.

The travel mount is very intuitive to use and looks quite classy in comparison to the clunky designs of other similar products. It has an magnetic mount that keeps smartphones and tablets sturdily in place without having to latch them with a bar or elastic band that can block the screen if you are trying to watch or read something. It also assures you that your expensive device won’t fall in turbulence or any road bumps.

Another recent concern has been when you place your device on a small table or arm rest on the plane, for example, they can fall into the cracks or grooves. This can cause them to overheat and even catch fire. And based upon my personal experience, when they fall into these types of crevices, they can be hard to retrieve. And even if you do, the screen’s integrity can be weakened or easily cracked. If it is affixed to a sturdy mount with these magnets, it is less likely to fall into a black hole.

Airlines are taking diverging paths when it comes to inflight entertainment. Some, like Delta, are installing seat back screens on as many of their aircraft as possible. American Airlines is taking the opposite approach saying that most people prefer to travel with their own devices. And low-fare airlines would not offer these types of amenities in the first place. So it makes sense to invest in products that will make it easier to enjoy your own devices.

Devices as large as 10.1 inches conveniently fit into this bracketed device. It works on most tray table latches, and it can be adjusted up or down with a top hook to hang your headphones when not in use.

Personally, I was wondering whether flight crew would take issue with me installing this on to a seat back or side table. On the contrary, they asked where it came from and how much it costs. Since it does not damage any of the hardware of the seat, it should not be a concern. And even if someone asked you not to affix it to the seat, you can still place it on your tray table since it has its own built-in stand. The benefit to hanging it onto a seat table is that it allows you to have more personal room.

When you are finished using it, there is a sturdy carrying case that you can keep it in for protection and place in your carry-on bag. It is not especially heavy even though the two mounting plates are magnets (one is for smaller devices, the other for larger things like tablets). This is great for long road trips because you can mount your phone on the side console to follow instructions (much like an Uber or Lyft driver might do) instead of having to hold your phone or place it on your lap making it more dangerous to read directions.

The Bracketron Roadtripper Travel Mount retails for $50 on the Bracketron website or other online retailers. Frequent travelers will find plentiful uses for this clever and affordable new device.


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