Boulder Denim jeans for comfortable travel

Boulder Denim is not your standard fashion jean, though they’re certainly still fashionable. Instead, this denim company inspired by the rock climbing community in Colorado makes jeans that are stretchy, ready to move with your body during a host of activities, and still maintain their shape and form day after day. In other words, they’re perfect travel wear.

I tried out their women’s skinny active rise jeans, which, like all their offerings, comes with industry-leading¬†stretch retainment, hydrophobic wash, trap pockets and reinforced stitching. The ‘active rise waist’ fits to sit just below the belly button, so you can move with ease. I loved wearing these on the plane, where they didn’t feel constrictive like most my jeans (hey, now I can fly without yoga pants!) and when I got to my destination, a dude ranch in Colorado, they wore great on the ranch, too.

They fit like a skinny jean, but with added stretch, so while no, they didn’t feel like my yoga pants, they didn’t feel like rugged, serious denim, either, which is what they are. You are ready for hiking, nature walking, even climbing (though I’m not a climber so I didn’t test this out) in these jeans, and yet they look equally great out to dinner in town or on a travel day.

My favorite feature: the front pockets on the women’s skinny jean are deep, ladies. No silly half-pockets here. You can fit a whole phone in your front pocket (imagine!) or a plethora of other useful items, like keys (and they won’t fall right out), a small notebook, which I like to carry while on travel assignments, or a small wallet. They’re 93% cotton, 5% poly, and 2% spandex, and sized generously. Start with your required length (they come in 24-34), and know that you’ll have some stretch. I am 5’4″, and the 26-inch size fits well, with the bottom cuffs rolled up a bit (which I like to do anyway).

You can always try and return to get the correct sizing (Boulder Denim knows it’s hard to buy jeans without trying them on, so they offer a size guarantee). Pick up a pair for $148, which I believe is a good value for a pair that is timeless and classic. Boulder Denim makes men’s denim as well, and guys can choose between an athletic fit (roomier) or slim fit (similar to the women’s skinny in style).


Amy Whitley is a freelance creative and travel writer and founding editor of the family travel website Pit Stops for Kids. An avid lover of the outdoors, Amy makes her home in Southern Oregon, where she, her husband, and three school-aged children spend much of their time backpacking, camping, skiing, and hiking. When not exploring her own backyard, Amy and her family hit the road for travel reviews of resorts, tour operations, and hotels across the country and abroad. Follow Amy Whitley on Twitter and Facebook.